Does Anyone have any GST host plant seeds/plants for trade???

imabirdnutSeptember 1, 2009

I have a ton of GSTs in my yard & have only had a few cats on my rue & none on my container grown lemon. There must be local host plants here to have this many GSTs. I am not having any luck growing rue...almost all my plants have died. Does anyone have any hop ash seeds or plants or any other host plant seeds you would exchange for some of my seeds &/or plants? I had ordered a hop tree earlier this year but it died. I have slightly alkaline well water so acid lovers won't grow in my yard.

Thanks in advance & I'll update my seed list.

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I've got lots of hop tree seeds, Ptelea trifoliata, just hanging on the tree if anyone wants some.
Just send a SASE or padded envelope (the seeds are thick)to:
Tom Krauska
9016 Robyn Rd
St. Louis MO 63126

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Tom, thank you...that would be awesome! Are they understory trees there is St. Louis? Is that what the GSTs use in your area?
I have lots of BST & GF host plants as well as Monarch/Queen & PVS host plants. The GSTs are one of the most abundant butterflies here but I'm not sure what they use for their host plant here west of DFW.

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I would love some also. I will send a SASE today!
thanks! Are the plants easy to grow? Any special instructions?
Again, Thanks!

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SASE in the mail! Thanks so much Tom!!

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Ditto, Tom! I put a SASBE in with extra postage just in case. We all appreciate you being willing to share your seeds with us.
Do you have a lot of volunteers that come up from the seeds?
I saw a new BF today...I think it was a Bordered first ever to see!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I've never tried to start these from seeds, but imagine that they need cold stratification. It's a native in Missouri.

I have two trees - one is in full sun and is a female, and the other tree, a male, is under another larger tree. The shaded tree definitely does better.

The larger tree died back to about five feet, from our Zero degree temperatures we had last winter, but it came back nice and strong.

I also have Rue, but the GST's seem to prefer the Hop Tree.

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Thank you Tom! An SASE is in the mail.

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Thanks again Tom, received my seeds on Friday!

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Tom, I got my seeds last week...thanks a million!!! ;o)
I was calling some of our local nurseries before I received the seeds to see if anyone had a Wafer Ash & I found a tree locally. When I called, the nurseryman said he thought he had one but it wasn't in very good shape & I could have it for free. I said, "YES, I'd LOVE it!" Not realizing that he was referring to a 25 gallon tree! It is almost 8ft tall & looks like "Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree"!!! IT's HUGE!!! It is alive & he said that it has been in the pot way too long. It had a year on the pot of 2006. It also had a price of $225 marked out to $50...I can't believe he gave it to me!!! What a blessing! I took it home last Thusday thinking I could get it in the ground this weekend & it has now been raining for 4 days straight!
Maybe this week some time, I can play "hooky" from my work & I can get it's supposed to rain next weekend, too! I have a BIG hole to dig...LOL!!!!
I've included a link to the picture of only has about a dozen leaves on it...the GST cats must have eaten the rest at the nursery! ;o)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Congrats on your rare find and hopefully it will recover. Does it appear to be making an effort to leaf out? If not, you can scratch the bark to see if the cambian layer is still alive. Keep us posted.


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You may be able to overcome your well-water alkalinity problem by applying Miracid periodically.

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Received the seeds in the mail yesterday Tom! Thanks so much!

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biosparite, how do you apply Miracid? I would love to know so I could get a few of the "acid lovers" to flourish here west of DFW.
I planted the "FREE" Wafer Ash on Saturday...Hopefully it will make was full of Fire ants!!! I got bit at least 30 times! I HATE those NASTY things!
I pulled the roots slightly apart like the nurseryman recommended. I planted it & put a "sick tree" natural product & compost on the top of the soil. I did have to treat it for ants, so I guess we'll see! I planted it as an understory tree & it will get a few hours of morning sun during the summer. I didn't prune it yet...I figure... just planting it was enough stress for now.
I went out to check on it today & there is a GST cat on wonder it doesn't have any leaves! It is a 3rd or 4th instar...I am going to move it to my lemon tree. The rue plants I had have almost all died. There are only about 6 leaves left on the tree since he is eating them. I raised a half dozen GST cats this summer & have already released all but a couple. We are going to be gone next week for a few days or I'd bring him in to raise.

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Do you still have hop ash seeds, I would love some. Have lots of GSTs every year. I will send postage paid env if you do.

Thanks Debbie

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Miracid is dissolvable in water so when you water your new tree or other acid loving plants put this in the water. Also, please go ahead and prune your tree by at least one-third. This will actually cut back on the stress. Plants are like houses - they are only as good as their foundations. If you have too much top for the foundation, it cannot support the top and cause major stress or death to the plant, whereas pruning will help the plant survive much better in the long run.

Ms. Faith

PS - how far west of DFW? I move up here to OK from around the Haslet/Justin area.

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It's interesting...I started this post back in Sept last year!
The tree I was given leafed out & then appeared to die. I haven't dug it up yet but am waiting to see if it will releaf or sprout from the roots in the spring but it is doubtful.
I tried planting the seeds that I was given for the hop ash but with no luck germinating. I still have some in pots outside to see if they need more cold!
I found a source for hop ash trees after trying everywhere in the DFW area to source them locally. I ordered 4 hop ash trees & 2 black cherries from Mossy Oak Nativ Nursery. They were only $3.49 each & came in over 18" tall. I think I might have lost one of the trees but will know for sure in the spring as well. I am posting a link to the site. They came in great shape & I was very pleased. They also offer Paw Paws but we don't have Zebras here.
Ms. Faith, I am almost to Weatherford just past Aledo west of Fort Worth.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hop Ash from Mossy Oak Nativ Nursery

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