baby n. ventricosa pitcher

sakmeht(Zone 6)February 12, 2007

Hi all,

I'm a newbie and was wondering if anyone has a good pic of a close-up of a VERY small baby pitcher that I can see... My ventricosa's new pitcher is growing off a nice pink tendril and the pitcher looks fuzzy and light brown. Does this sound normal? It's the brown color that I'm wondering about. Thanks! Sarita

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Well... this is a young N. sanguinea I got from Lowes, which should be similar enough to what you are seeking:

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sakmeht(Zone 6)

Actually, the far right tiny pitcher is more like what I'm looking for... mines about a 1/4" bigger than that. It looks similar, except mine is just light brown. The tendril off the end of the leaf is pink, as are all the others. I guess I'm just wondering if they will turn black or fall off if they're not going to turn into pitchers. I guess I should just have patience and wait and see! Thanks for the pic!

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ok, this is just my thought on the subject. Ventricosa are pretty fast growing for a Nep. The small pitchers may not make it, I've had that problem with several of my neps but those pitchers wouldn't hold much anyway. New leaves come fairly quickly and pretty soon, pitchers will come. Once you get a couple pitchers, it'll have pitchers comming faster than they die off usually.

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All leaves should produce pitchers, unless that plant is having problems... or.... if you keep them at a window sill all year long and from November - February the photoperiod is too low... like mine!

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Nepenthes' pitcher tips does have a fuzzy light brown or golden broun color. That's because of the hairs but as the tip grows you should see it become greener and even develop a reddish ting. The pink color on the tendril is quite normal and a good sign too, and because you said the tip is a light brown. It should develope without any hitch.

But should the tip turn a dark brown, most likely the tip is "dead" and wont develope into a pitcher. Thats normal when your plant adjust to the new growing conditions.

N. ventricosas are the easiest plants so it shouldn't take long to adapt.

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sakmeht(Zone 6)

Thank you so much! That makes me feel better! I did just get this plant - about a week and a half ago. I have it in a 75 gallon with various other houseplants and have it under 3 tubes of fluorescents, 40watts each. It's about 8 inches under the lights and I just bought a hygrometer today which tells me my humidity is 72!! So, I'm crossing my fingers that everything goes well. And I broke down and bought an n. maxima today from cobraplants, so that will go in there, too. Thanks for everyones input!

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sakmeht(Zone 6)

Just a follow-up... that baby pitcher's definitely growing! I think the plant likes the humidity (80%) and I just changed out the lighting today. I picked up some primroses and threw those in there just for kicks - I have them hiding under some of my other foliage plants to make it shadier.

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Of course I read and reply to the other question first! Don't emphasize the high humidity. Not even this plant requires that much. I have a baby ventricosa (no picture right now), with its pot sitting in a plastic storage container, with an inch or so of water, along with a whole mess of sundews and bladderworts pots, all exposed to the air, with a 30 Watt fluorescent light 6 inches above them all. They all do fine in these conditions.

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yeah. the brown is normal. i have n. ventricosa. need help though. how do i keep it more humid. i put it and my nepenthes sanguinea in an empty fishtank in their pots after i got tired of my room being s humid as an asian jungle.

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Both N. sanguinea and N. ventricosa can adapt to low humidity quite well. Just keep them in the fishtank with a cover for now to keep the humidity high. Every three days open the cover about half an inch to an inch to let some air in. By about two weeks it should be open several inches and no longer hold humidity. Your plants will be adapted to your home's humidity levels and should be fine to grow open pot unless you have less than 15 percent ambient humidity there.

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