Angel Trumpet Issues

Wayne1964(8)July 31, 2012

On my second summer with an angel trumpet plant. The first year it grew great bloomed many times was perfect. This summer it grew a bit during the spring and produced a few trumpet flowers, then now it just is not growing many leaves, the leaves start out green then turn pale green and white blotches, then yellow and fall off. It it watered regularly, drains good, fed with miracle-grow weekly, under shade since we have upper 90's to 100 temps. Not sure what has happened. You can see in the photo album the nice green new leaves then the pale green with blotches then almost no green color.

Here is a link that might be useful: Photo album

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Hi Wayne- This is very common. Looks to me like a very bad case of spider mites! Get Seven- be sure to spray the undersides as well as the top of the leaves! Good Luck-

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I agree, spider mite has found your brug and it's struggling to stay afloat. You'll have to treat regularly to get rid of them. A systemic insecticide is worth adding to the arsenal.

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I did have see evidence of spider mites during the fall, I saw the visible webbing, but no longer see the webs. Do they not always make webs?

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