sjbaby(4)February 25, 2014

my husband has finally taken an interest in plants and is looking at all of these pics and has lots of questions, is there a good online site for buying as there is no where local selling, or some where to see pics of the different types, they would be in door plants but have to be able to take some cold. any and all suggestions are welcome.

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I'm no expert, but if starting out I suggest you go with something on the easy side ( maintenance wise ). Some plants require a lot of attention, while others can be thrown outside.

Research, research, research.

Research the plant you are going to grow. I've killed off plenty of plants cause of little research.

There's plenty of sites online to buy. You have to search around to find deals. You can also join sites like this and find people to trade with.

For pics, meh just use google.

I throw my plants inside under lights when it gets too cold out. Or leave them outside if they can survive.

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Google is your friend! TONS of info out there.

As far as sellers there is Sarracenia Northwest, California carnivores, just to name a few.

One place for great info is:

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For information there are two books that i highly recommend: Carnivorous Plants of the world and The Savage Garden

For plants: (Cook's Carnivores)
Pros: Very affordable prices, wide selection of species.
Cons: Slightly lower quality, but well worth the lower price! You can find their sales on ebay, as well. Seeds are occasionally sold here, as well.
Pros: Mature, well-established plants that arrive in great shape after shipment.
Cons: Quite expensive, but if you have enough money, go for it! :)
Pros: Among the best selection of rare plants!
Cons: Among the highest prices on the net. Often out of stock (Meadowiew)
Pros: Excellent prices for common species
Cons: Limited selection is available, rarer species may be unaffordable. =(

www. (Sarracenia Northwest)
Pros: Decent selection established and mature plants
Cons: Relatively expensive
Pros: Quite a nice variety of mature plants at reasonable prices
Cons: Out of stock of rarer varieties most of the year, and moderately expensive for the rarer varieties

Pros: Very reasonable prices when in stock
Cons: Extremely small selection of plants
Pros: Decent variety
Cons: Some of the varieties can be quite expensive or are out of stock
Pros: Drosera!!!!! large selection of plants and very reasonable price
Cons: inventory are usually out of stock
Pros: Occasionally you can find rarer species offered, from reliable vendors. I bought most of my plant from here
Cons: It is hard to know exactly how reliable the sellers are. Be sure to ask whether the pictures are of the actual plant being sold if there is any discrepancy, and it's always helpful to check that the plants weren't poached if you have any suspicions.

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I buy most of my plants from carnivorous plant nursery, decent prices great selection but! These are BETTER outdoor plants then indoors one's. ..i kno cause Mine were inside and as soon as i put them outside they are beautiful and so much healthier

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