sjbaby(4)February 25, 2014

are there any that would survive being grown outside all year we are in zone 4 i think it can get to -30f here for a couple days at a time in winter

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I too am from zone 4 in rochester, MN and when it comes to cold hardy carnivorous plants 2 species come to mind! Sarracenia purpurea and drosera rotundifolia. There are many plants in the genus drosera that would be right at home in good old zone 4! Although, in Nebraska, there are two native carnivores in the genus utricularia. If u consider growing any of these plants, they require a constantly moist growing media(sphagnum moss works well). I make a point of this due to the fact that the temps can reach up to 100 degrees in the NE summer(as you know ;), and their medium can dry quickly!
---I wish you luck and hope I was helpful.

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he is interested in large and bright, i can set up an indoor set up for him, any advice what are good starter plants that have lots of color or are on the larger side maby outside in summer and dormant inside for winter, sorry if i am not to clear i grow lots of other plants but never cp.

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Drosera capensis red form can be very bright. Though it is not that large, most people would agree if I were to say it is the easiest carnivorous plant to cultivate! I suggest that you look into the genus nepenthes(tropical pitcher plants). Certain species can be extremely large and colorful. I'm not too familiar with this genus, but from what I've read, their are easier species and more difficult species to grow. I'm also not sure how they would tolerate the outside environment in Nebraska. But from your description, nepenthes would apply to most of your specifications. Btw, if you provide adequate growing requirements, carnivorous plants will become a great and rewarding hobby!!!

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i am hoping he will like them, i have lots of plants of all kinds, and i love them, taking care of them is a big part of my day, dont think i would be happy with out them, but he is just getting interested and picked cp as a place to start, i have never grown any so i am looking for all the help i can get so i can help him

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Btw this is all for my husband

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There are very knowledgable members on gardenweb. Ask any question you wish and eventually somebody will hopefully respond. No question is a dumb question here on garden web! Any other Qs you can think of?

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thank you i will rember that, and will keep posting as we go.

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I don't know about some on this forum, but I am currently studying horticulture at RCTC and I love doing research for people. It makes me feel great to know that I can help people learn! I also love this because I often times learn things myself along the way.

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i get all turned around when it comes to researching

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If you are looking for an big outside CP then you should look in to grow Sarracenia purpurea or Sarracenia leucophylla. They are very hardy plant with a big enough pot you can grow them year around out side in your zone. Although it is best to put them in the garage when it is snowing heavily.
PS stay away from Nepenthes. There is no Nepenthes specie can grow outside year around in zone 8 or lower

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Agreed! Forgot to mention nepenthes as being an inside plant!! They are large and colorful only

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I grow S. purpurea and S. flava here in my zone 5 garden. I leave mine in the ground all year. The nursery where I purchased them has been growing them along with several others in zone 4 for over 20 years. They have a variety of other carnivorous plants as well. Although they don't do mail order, you could email them. They are very friendly. It's www.cadysfallsnursery.com.

Good luck with your plants.

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