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kwuikhelpFebruary 16, 2007

I just bought my VFT at Walgreens about a week ago.Will transplanting it make it bigger in size?

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Transplanting it may benefit your VFT. just be careful with its roots.

if you're new with VFTs, gather the plant along with its soil.

make sure to buy peatmoss + perlite. then mix it together. after that.. transplant your plant into its new media in a bigger pot. a 4" inch pot is ideal.

after transplanting your plant, grow it in a sunny location.

a venus' flytrap grows bigger and healthier when it grows outside.

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So do I put my VFT directly in the sunlight?(this is before I transplant)

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you can transplant your VFT then, afterwards, introduce it to brighter/sunny locations gradually.

don't forget to keep its soil moisten all the times.

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how much water to give it? i got some i transplanted and now some leaves and small traps are dying getting black. but seems to be growing green out of the middle. it in mostly sgham moss or whatever its called i forget with some perlite. hope its gunna be ok i got a spray bottle with distiled water i water it with all the time!

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Set it in a tray with about 3/4 to an inch of rainwater or distilled water only.

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i trans planted it into a minni terrarium that i can open up and take outside when the wheather is nice

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A few years ago I bought two VFTs and sat one in a shallow tray of r/o water and sat the other one on top of an inverted pot so water would drain out of it. Both had the same sphag/sand/perlite mix. The one with its feet constantly wet, sitting with the bottom half or less of the pot in water, died out. The other has been growing quite well and even put out two flower spikes which I clipped off. I grow them outside and they get a couple of hours of direct sun and a few hours of dappled sun.

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

If they are healthy they can sit in water. If they are sick then it's better to let the soil dry out some until they resume healthy growth. VFT's need lots of light, preferably full sun (all day) but good strong lights could also be used during the growing season. The brighter the light the more water they will use and the healthier they will be.

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I would not put them in a terrarium. That said, do what you want, I'm done arguing with people about it personally.

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Tommy if i take em out of terrarium will they go though more major shock and die? they arent looking good but its growing with new traps one by one that look healthy? I live in coastal southern california.

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Where you are they should be able to stay outside all year IIRC. You would just need to harden them off before leaving them outside in full all day Sun. Google Hardening off. Corrections welcome.

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