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Propaganda Garden DesignJune 19, 2009

I spent the past few years moving around so have not been able to have a proper garden. I'm finally living in an apartment with a fairly big 4th floor balcony with a SE exposure so I decided to make a little hummingbird garden. Thought I would share some photos.

My view to the east in winter.

View to the west.

View from inside back in early May.

Same view in mid June.

Early May again.

Same spot now in mid June. I had to put in shelving to fit all my plants.

Ammi visagna and Salvia microphylla

View from the street below.

5 different types of Salvia and a few other hummingbird favorites so I pretty much have them all day.

Ack. The pics came out kind of big. Sorry about that.

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Babka NorCal 9b

I like big photos. I also think you have a very lovely apartment balcony garden. Where there's a will, there's a way. It is fun to see the sequence as time passes and the plants mature. You have quite the green thumb.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Absolutely lovely. The line of PV peninsula there in photo 2, the incredibly tall old fan palms, planted 70 or 80 years ago, the June Gloom... There's no place like home. You can take the gardener away from the land, but you can't take the garden out of the gardener.

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I have a close friend in Culver City who has a balcony,and I always got a kick out of "dry" soucal looking lush green with streets of Carrotwood trees and green horizon.
Plus, her neighbors 6' potted Synadenium granti rubra in a nice urn contrasted nicely with the neat yard and lawn.
Mornings that reached 70 by 9 am in summer were very un bay area too!

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BecR(zone 9 CA 19)

Gorgeous! Looks like your hummers are quite happy with the lovely environment you've created for them! :) Love the Queen Anne's lace--very lush and healthy and look at all those beautiful blooms! Did you grow from seed? Great views too--WOW!!!

:) Becky

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Very nice! You did a great job. I remember you posting before and asking. Hang a hummer feeder out also when things aren't blooming, you'll get even more. Stick a shepards pole in a pot and hang from it. You'll be able to see it from that window or your slider doors. They are so fun to watch. Also if you sit out there in a red shirt they will buzz you and think you are a flower.

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wanda(Z9 CA)

Your plants look very happy and healthy. Nice garden!

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angelcub(Sunset 3b)

What a pretty balcony garden! Love the hummer pic. You have great views and it's wonderful that you are gardening again. Enjoy!


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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

What a lovely and beautifully kept balcony garden! I love the way your pots all match and present a very cohesive view from the street. Few people bother to do that. Excellent job!

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Lovely plants! What kind of soil do you use for your salvias? I have killed 3 already that were in containers. Thanks, Tabby

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Propaganda Garden Design

I'm just using Fox Farm Ocean Forest potting soil. Kind of expensive but it seems pretty good. When I repotted my Salvias in bigger pots I also put in some of those little Soil Moist crystals because they dry out so fast. I've come to the conclusion that most Salvia would rather not be in pots so if you have no other choice like me I recommend putting them in the biggest pot you can.

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Does anyone know where I can get some Blackberry plants in or near Santa Monica, preferably organic? Also, can I plant them now in a pot, -- I have a balcony, east facing( direct light til 10:45am, indirect light after) near Bundy and Santa Monica Blvd( on the border of Santa Monica and West LA). I am willing to buy them, or I can trade Pitaya(Dragon Fruit) magenta or white fleshed plant cuttings for them.
Thank you,

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Propaganda Garden Design

Try Armstrong Garden center on Wilshire and Centinela, or Merihew's Sunset Gardens at Ocean Park and 16th or Marina Del Rey Garden Center on Mindanao off Lincoln and 90. There are also a bunch of good nurseries on Sawtelle in West L.A.

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Thank you!

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