wanted: have: large crape myrtles (free)

dawgie(z7NC)January 11, 2009

I have some large crape myrtles in my yard that I would like to remove and replace with other plants. They are beautiful trees but my yard has gotten shadier over the years, so they don't bloom as well as they should, and I would like to replace with smaller trees. Crapes like as much sun as they can get. I have pruned the trees over the years so they have beautiful open trunks.

Would anyone be interested in digging up these crape myrtles and taking them? They would be free as long as you do the work. (OK, I'll help.) You would need to dig a large root ball to get them up, and will probably need an axe to chop some of the roots. You also would need at least a pickup truck to transport them. Some replacement soil for the holes would be nice. Now is a good time to transplant because they are dormant. Here are the varieties I have and approximate sizes:

- Hopi (shell pink), two, both about 10' tall

- Catawba (deep purple), one, about 8-10' tall

- Dynamite (deep red), one, at least 10' tall

- Zuni (lavender purple), one, about 1-2' tall

Send me an email if interested, tmather1954@yahoo.com. As far as an exchange goes, the only thing I need is some decent soil to put in the holes after the trees are dug up.

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