HAVE: Have - Disporum cantoniense & verbena bonariensis

laurabs(7b)January 13, 2008

I have one plant each of the above that I got for free. When I looked them up, I realized they are not my style plants.

(I got 3 others I love though).

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tamelask(z8a NC)

laura, i've got more of the verbena than i know what to do with, but would love the disporum. what would you like in trade? ya know, now with you working at pdn, you're just around the corner from me. maybe we could meet up sometime. i know, i still need to get that sparkleberry, too, but would rather wait til the drought's done before i attempt to move anything already alive. potted's different, though. :)

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Hey, that would be great. I have weekends off now - what about you? I especially like sedum groundcovers or a black sedum like Black Jack or epimediums or any ferns that take dry conditions. I like most things with dark green foliage on the fine to medium side, and a real weakness for most things with burgundy foliage or varigated foliage. I love dwarf mondo grass and purple muhle grass (scuze my spelling).

One of the plants I got that I like is a cheilanthes viridis Cathcart form. I don't know much about ferns, but love the way most of them look. I'm excited that this is one that can take drier conditions.

Do you want to meet somewhere next weekend? 266-2411. Where would be convenient? The 2 sparkleberries I can see from my window are doing fine. I assume the third one is too.

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tamelask(z8a NC)

since i'm freelance, i'm home most days unless i'm on a job site, which is rare. so if you want, we could even meet before or after work for you at my place in garner. up to you. no plans yet this weekend, so if you'd rather do that, we can. i'll give you a holler later.

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Sorry I haven't called you back; on Monday we had to put our Sasha to sleep, and it took a lot out of me.

During the week is out for me. I have to rush home to an impatient DH and doggies or I'm the one in the dog house, LOL.

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tamelask(z8a NC)

that's fine, laura, just call me when you get a chance. so sorry to hear about your dog. i completely understand.

it's too bad it wouldn't work before or right after work for you, because i am only about 10 mins if that from pdn, and on your way to/from. or for a lunch break. i'll wait to hear back from you. i left my phone # on your message, if you lose it or need to get in touch, email me directly and i'll send it again. thanks, tam

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