Beginner tarrium plants/and info

runsnwalkenFebruary 3, 2009

In my bedroom I have a 20 gallon Aquarium , I've never kept carnivorous plants before -aside from venius flytraps brought at a store-died soon after.

What Matereals/substrate do I need to get started. What lighting would be best, What temp do I keep plants at. How do I care for plants throughout the year.

Right now Its cold out and I live in MN should I wait tell spring/should plants be outdoors?

Are there good websites to order exotic/fancy carnivorous plants from.

I'm into pitchers/traps/sundews- which ones are best for beginners?.

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You can read the previous string "have always wanted cp's, now i have them! advice please". It already has some good advice how to grow them and a title of a very useful book to read.

It is winter in MN so you cannot grow them outdoors until spring.

There are good website that sell CP like,, and; but I advice not to buy exotic or fancy CP for now. You lack experience to grow them, wait until you acquire enough experience growing the easy ones first. If not, your going to end up wasting $25, $50, or $100.

So the best plants to purchase is in Sarracenias are hybrids like S. x 'Scarlet Belle', S. x 'Judith Hindle', and S. x ÂDanaÂs DelightÂ. Sundews are the cape sundew, the australina lance sundew, the staghorn sundews, and D. tokaiensis sold as D. spathulata hybrid. These can be found in stores like Home Depo or Lowes, or any other garden nursery in your area.

But you can purchase them at the website I listed above.

And one more thing, you donÂt need a terrarium to grow CPs in your room. I grow mine in my room in less then 15% humidity on a bookshelf.

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Terrariums are not needed for CPs. I don't recommend them at all. A 50/50 mix of peat moss and perlite is all you need.

Distilled or rain water only. VFTs and Sarrs need FULL sun and dormancy in winter. My Sundews get bright, indirect light in a west window.

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And there are a lot that grow nicely at window sills:

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The fact is I dont have alot of light in my room, my mom keeps the house rather cool, 68 to 70 and I have two cats that like to eat plants, The spider plant by my window had to be covered in plastic wrap to keep the cats away.

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