80 MPH winds

karyn1(7a)July 26, 2010

We had a freaky storm pass thru yesterday afternoon. The wind was so strong that I couldn't stand up outside. Stuff was flying thru the yard like missiles. My container plants got tossed around and some of the inground plants were blown kind of horizontal but there really wasn't too much damage. We were lucky because there's severe damage all around us. Lots of roads were closed because of debris and there's still a quarter million people without power. Our power was out until just before midnight. Bruce was on the phone looking for a hotel vacancy when the electricity came back on. The news reported that a tornado might have touched down. What's going on here? First an earthquake and then a tornado!

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This year, our weather is just crazy. Tonight we had a hugh thunder storm, and only had a 30% chance of rain. Barbra

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I lived in the D.C. area of Maryland for over 14 years and never had that kind of weather. In fact the bay never froze over until I left there. Good to hear you came though it with flying colors. Sorry to hear about the power. Yes here in Texas we are getting a wet summer which for the 20+ years we have lived here it is a rare thing also.

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Where in MD did you live and when? I'm also in the DC suburbs, in Montgomery County. I was born in DC and have been in Mont. Co. my whole life. Most people in this area are transplants from other places.

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Geez Karyn, think it's time to move? Only, where? Everyplace is having something strange. We're just hot hot hot here in CO, thank goodness nothing out of the ordinary at the moment.

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Have things settled down Karyn? High winds certainly cause a lot of damage and hopefully you haven't found damaged plants.

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