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cactusmcharrisMay 10, 2012

Sedum multiceps arrived in full health from The Beaver State - my first 'merkin trade in some time. I sure hoped I sent her some good plants in exchange for these chains I want to be wrapped in (backbeat).

*From the album by the same name - you know it, the one where The Central Scrutinizer is out to protect you from the harmful effects of that horrible force called music.

I was twice blessed today, now that I think about it - I also got a tour from the executive director of the Wallace Desert Garden. The gentleman fulfilled a quest - he had cuttings of Opuntia sulfurea, too! It'd be really cool to see it and Opuntia pachypus in habitat sometime, eh?

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Guess you only get one chance in life to play a song that goes like...

One of my favorite tunes by one of my favorite humans, Zappa went to high school in my hometown.

Very nice multiceps, Jeff!

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Yikes! Big Spikes! Gosh, Hope you have a pair of tough gloves to handle that plant. It sort of looks like a weird walking fish. Anyhow, do you just wait for roots to sprout before setting it on soil?

The tour of the Garden must have been a wonderful way to spend time!

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He was a very nice boy.


Those are the easy ones, the ones with long central, single spines. You just pick them up by the spine. No, I won't have time to do so, so I'll just sit the cut end on soil, prop it up with rocks, and hope for the best. And it was, but silly me ran out of battery after only 325 pics.

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He used to cut my grass.

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So I've got some work now and work later. You know I'm a sucker for punishment when the extras will tried to be grown up north.

The WHITE ZONE is for loading and unloading only. . . if you
have to load or unload, go to the WHITE ZONE... you 'll love it... it 's a way of life

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ctreeteac(Zone 8b; rain-spewing Oregon)

I'll be pretty pleased when they're all cleaned up and no longer lookin' cruddy (for those certain two) and growing in their pretty pots you've picked.

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

Is that a cylindropuntia kleiniae? Mine has been blooming rose flowers today... The skinny sticky thorny thing? NIce O. basilparis bloom. My basilaris fell 11 ' off my deck. D@mn three legged architect designed table!. Whole thing tipped and fell ON TOP of the pots that were on top of it. The pads are showing some life.

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