WANTED: Need Small Envelopes for Seeds

Ralph Whisnant(z7b-8 NC)January 25, 2008

I am looking for an inexpensive source of small envelopes or very small zip-lock bags for placing seeds for sharing and trading. Any suggestions?

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tamelask(z8a NC)

michael's. look at the bottom of the rows in the bead section and you'll find these perfect little plastic zipper bags about 1.5x3". like 200 to a box, and couple bucks for that whole box. not sure, but would be willing to bet that walmart may carry them, too and if they do they'd be cheaper. but with a 40% off coupon, which is just about every week in the sunday paper, you could get a box from the craft place for next to nothing. i love being able to see what and how much is in the packet at a glance.

some folks cut little cards to put in them, some take the white labels or masking tape and put on them, and some write directly on them w/sharpie. i do a lot of the last, 'cause i'm lazy, but the labels and card stock work better and are easier to read and change if you reuse the envelope. if you save a lot of the same seed, i found it was easy enough to make a little label sized box in a design program so i could print a bunch of the same label, and not have to handwrite each one. you can even include a picture. for bigger seeds or larger amounts of seed, i save my old packets that have the self stick tabs, and just slap a label or masking tape over top of what was in there. along the same lines, i always save the little glassine envelopes for fine seed or tiny amounts after i've used up seed that came in them. just call me a pack rat!

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rootdiggernc(Z-7A NC)

Hi Ralph, I get mine at Hobby Lobby, same section (beads) as Michaels. They have a few different sizes. Never checked but was just thinking they may have the glassine lopes where ever they (craft stores) have the stamp collecting stuff.

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rootdiggernc(Z-7A NC)

Ralph I have some of the little plastic bags for you from Dawn. I'll bring them to the Raleigh seed swap.

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I bought a hugh amount at a local auction and would gladly send you some.

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Ralph Whisnant(z7b-8 NC)

Thank you Deborah (and Dawn). I am updating my seed and plant trade lists. Is there anything that I can send Dawn for the envelopes?
Happyseed, thank you also for your offer. Will you be coming to the seed swap on Feb 9th? And is there anything from my seed or plant trade list that you would like in exchange? You can email me if you prefer - ralphwhisnant@earthlink.net

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Do a search for "printable seed packets". Print out the style you like, cut them out, glue them together with a glue stick. Easy and attractive.

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Ralph Whisnant(z7b-8 NC)

Thanks for the suggestions and offers. Last night I went to Michael's in Crossroads Shopping Center and bought a pack of miniature zip-lock bags for only $1.49. (They were hanging on a hook one aisle over from the beads.) These should last until the upcoming seed swap a week from Saturday.

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You can get 1000 2X3 plastic ziplocs for like $8. See:


or paper coin envelopes:


If you find something you like, but don't do the eBay thing - I can buy them for you, Ralph. Are you going to the seed swap?

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quirkpod(7 Lewisville NC)

I find that using scrap paper to fold a resealable envelope is way easier to open and close than plastic, and you can write an entire story on it. Start with a square. Fold it on the diagonal from one corner to another. Fold the 2 ends in a third of the way each. Fold the entire thing in half, fold over the pointed flap and tuck it in. Now you can write the name and description and notes all over it, and they are easier to file in a tray where you can flip thru them quickly to find anything you've got stashed. They are free if you use junk mail letter sized paper.

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