Growing Heliamphora minor outside in full sun in

terrestrial_man(9)March 10, 2011

Growing Helis is supposed to be really hard to do. Perhaps if you are trying to do so indoors? As much as I would like to try other species I consider myself lucky enough to be able to afford a couple of colonies of H. minor several years ago. My intent then was to grow them outside as I really had no room in my greenhouse for them. And besides from what I could tell from what LITTLE I could find then on their natural habitats I believed that they should be able to make it. So here are links to three different sections of webjournals on my experiences.

The only real precaution I take with them is to move them onto my kitchen window ledge, outside, when the air temps drop down into the 30sF (around 4C) though I think they can handle occasional freezing temps.

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I tried to grow one outside, but the adaptation to a drier environment outside the terrarium made it grow smaller, and weaker pitchers. The plant later stopped growing and I had to place it back in a humid environment so that it could start growing again. It has been one month and the plant is still stunt in all crowns except one.

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very excellent information... there a reason why can't this plant grow under some T5 light?

shouldn't the T5 light okie with this plant and make them grow inside a aquarium?

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Dryness is a definite problem the plants I grow face daily.
My offset is to spray and to flood the pots daily at least once. I do not want it to be too easy for them. My interest is in seeing what they can do with the conditions that are outside here in coastal California.
While I did not do so, one way of offsetting the impact of dryness is to plant the plants down inside the pots in order to provide some microclimate in which humidity may be somewhat protected. The image in the second series is of such plants grown inside of their pots.
Also automatic misting systems can be installed to help them grow outside if you want to expend the cash. Which is one reason why my plants are outside. I grow no plants under lights any more due to budgetary constraints. The Helis can make it outside here. All I have to do is come up with the right combo of cultural practices to achieve the success I am after: mature growth with flowering.
Currently the nights are warming up and new growth appear to be beginning. I am looking forward to see their progress over the rest of 2011.

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