WANTED: 2010 Forsyth County Spring Plant Swap

dtpforu(7a NC)February 11, 2010

It's official! The 2010 Spring Plant Swap for Forsyth County will be held April 24th at the Agriculture Building in Forsyth County on Fairchild. The address is:

1450 Fairchild Road

Winston Salem, NC 27105

If you're traveling north on Hwy 52 you will take exit 111B, take right on Liberty, go to the light take right on Fairchild and the extension office is on your right a little down the road.

We had a great turnout last year and are looking forward to another great crowd this year.

The swap will start at 11:00 and you can set up as early as 9:30 - 10:00.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me to ask.

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Hi Vicky, Would you please list how the Plant Swap works for all the Newbie (someone who has never attend a plant swap) coming this year? I know several Newbies who have inquired about the swap. We love Newbies!!! Thanks, Judy

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dtpforu(7a NC)

I'm sorry, I didn't get this email until now. What happens is that we all bring our plants to a central place, in this instance, to the Agriculture Building on Fairchild in Winston Salem. This is open to the public so everyone is invited even if you don't live in this county. We only ask that you bring something to swap. If not plants, then plant related items such as gloves, tools, pots and planters, yard art, etc. Once we have all arrived and checked out all the plants, everyone will step back from the plants and I will tell everyone to go get a plant. This will continue until all the plants are gone or we're tired of playing. LOL. There is a plant swap held every spring and every fall. They will always be held the weekend after the plant sales that the Master Gardeners have.
Hope to see everyone there!

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dtpforu(7a NC)

What kind of plants can I bring?
Anything that you would like to share. Just remember that it needs time to adapt to its new home before winter, so things like irises which are best shared in the middle of the summer, might not be something you want to share now. A lot of times, something that youve had years and years and think everyone must have, is something that someone else just canÂt live without. IÂve had people come to my gardens and pick out plants that IÂve had so long, I figured everyone has it and thereÂs no possible way that I should take it to a swap. Then when I get to the swap, someone asks for it. Also, spring is the time for annuals. If youÂre planning on sharing annuals, you might want to wait until the spring swap.
Should I bring the kids?
Sure, bring the kids, but while the swapping is going on, to prevent them being trampled, please ask them to remain in a place away from the swapping.
What if a plant is invasive?
WhatÂs invasive for you might not be for me. Or vice versa. If itÂs heavily invasive and you know for sure it is, like Kudzu, please, donÂt bring it. If you donÂt know that itÂs invasive or not, Craig Mauney is planning on having a list of invasive plants so we can look it up.
Can I swap seed?
YES! A lot of people prefer to start their plants from seed. If youÂre swapping seed, please be sure to have them bagged up in individual bags for swapping. Such as if youÂre sharing sunflower seed, and have lots of them, put a few in a little bag, and bag up lots of little bags so someone wonÂt take off with your entire stash. There is also a seed swap in January in High Point every year, so if you like youÂre welcome to attend that, also. Start saving those seeds!
How should the plants be presented?
Bulbs cuttings and bare root plants are very welcome. Just remember that if itÂs barefoot, you should be sure that itÂs easily transplanted so as not to become too wilted and damaged beyond saving. Some plants wilt very easily and if wilted too much the plant structure will break down and it might not be saved. The preferred way to present a plant is to pot it up a month or so before the swap so that it can be adapted well and you will have a nice plant to share. Remember; think of how you like to receive plants. If you wouldnÂt want to take it home, then someone else probably wouldnÂt either. You should always use sterile potting mix whenever possible instead of garden soil. This ensures a healthy plant being shared. IÂve already started potting up things and even am trying my hand at rooting stuff for the swap. Everything should be marked. The best way to share bulbs is to put them in small bags and write the name of the plant on the outside of the bag. If you donÂt know the cultivar name of the bulb, thatÂs ok, just put something like "Oriental Lily  Orange" to identify what it is. All plants should be tagged somehow. I cut up old mini blinds, or use Popsicle sticks and write the name of the plant on them. IÂve even been known to write the name of the plant on the side of the pot. If you donÂt know the botanical name, put the common name on it. If you have a plant and donÂt know what it is, pot it up, bring it any way, and bring a blank tag so that maybe someone can identify it. With a bunch of Master Gardeners, someone should know what a plant is.

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Hi, Does anybody have any white obedient plant that they're bringing? I'm wanting to get this for a friend of mine. Judy

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Hey, Does anyone have any peonies to share? If so, please bring them. I know someone who is attending the swap that's looking for peonies. Thanks

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