Transplant Heavenly Bamboo/Nandina

katefisher(Z7_NorthernCA)June 14, 2007

I need to move my Heavenly Bamboo plant from its current location to a new bed in our back yard. Reason being it is doing so well in the current location I cannot see the new plants behind it. I hate to do it because the nandina is doing so great.

Does anyone have experience transplanting this? The exposure and conditions will be about the same. I'm hoping to at the very least not kill it by doing so.

Thank you.


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It grows like a weed here in socal. I would wait till fall to do it.

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It accepts transplanting well. Wait till fall as has been suggested. There are several dwarf varieties available for the old location. Nandina that is headed back to keep small enough looks pretty bad, so moving it is the right solution. We have a whole wall of the house, the east wall, planted with Nandina by my dad 40 years ago. When it reaches the roof overhang I cut that stalk right to the ground. There are always plenty of new shoots to keep the wall covered. Al

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Thanks folks. I did not think it would be so energetic here in Zone 7 but this is my first experience with nandina so now I am wiser. On the heels of your feedback I will likely wait. The new bed in back will be all low or no water plants so this guy should fit right in. I'm moving everything else in September so will transplant this as well then.

Love the idea of a whole row of nandina, how fun! Do you have a picture?

Thank you.


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I moved Nandina several times and never had a problem.


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Have you moved it during the warm time of year ever? If I could get away with moving it now that would really be great.


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