care of nepenthes alata

gardeninggrandmo1March 21, 2007

fell in love with this plant and bought it. but the care info was very limted that came with it. please all help and info is greatly neede and appreaced. also about how to start new one later from this one. thanks vickie

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What is it in right now? Where did you get it? They like room temp to 80 degree temps, roughly 12 hour daylight, and slightly moist soil. They are really almost maintenance free plants. I just simply keep my Asian pitcher plants in a planter, at the bathroom window and water once or twice a week. I trim yellow or brown foliage when necessary. Not much more than that required!

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Water with rainwater or distilled water ONLY, NO TAP or bottled waters. Bright defused light. Spray the leaves LIGHTLY every 2-3 weeks with 1/4 strength orchid fertilzer.


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I strongly agree with the water suggestion from Tom. If you don't fertilize the plant with the orchid fertilizer it won't die on you or anything, they just seem to appriciate a tiny bit of fertilizer every few weeks.

I'm "guessing" the alata is a ventrata but that doesn't matter to much really, they're both pretty easy neps. I read somewhere that neps are one of those plants that like a little less attention. From what I've seen with what I'm growing, that seems true. They're fairly easy if you make sure you use the right water (non tap as previously mentioned... distilled or RO water work well. Avoid the bottled spring water just because they often add salts for flavor... you can get a gallon of distilled water for under a buck), don't leave them sitting in water, and give them the right light.

I water mine every 3 days or so and I could water them a little less if I needed to.

The thing I noticed most about nepenthes is their ability to worm their way into your heart. I've got all kinds of cps but what I have the most of is nepenthes. I just can't get enough of them. So, have fun.

Here is a link that might be useful: Aracknight's Deadly Delights

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Check out Nepenthes jamban online: Its AWESOME!!!!!!!!
Newly discovered species from sumatra (I think)

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Oh that is awesome.

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Hi gardeninggrandmo1,

The previous info is good, however; be careful with the fertilizer as it could kill your plant if too much is used or drips on the soil. Better not to fertilize at all and just let the plant catch insects. There is nobody to fertilize them up in the mountains of Borneo and Kinabalu. I have never fertilized any of my CPs and they seem to be thriving so far.

My N. sanguinea pitchers constantly and is growing larger and just gets a few flies and beetles every couple of weeks. Better yet, light (partial sun) or flourescents for at least 12 hours a day, distilled water, and nutrient poor acid soil mixture with good drainage is more important than insects and fertilizer. Do not pour water in the pitchers as some misguided info slips tell you to do, they have lids to keep the water out after all. Just water the soil from the top every few days and do not allow the soil to become waterlogged or to sit in water. Nepenthes do not like too much water held near their roots all the time. The pitchers will secrete their own mixture of bactericide and digestive concoctions if they are healthy.

Nepenthes can be propagated from cuttings like ivy and other vining plants. Just let it grow until it is several feet long and producing multiple vines from its growth point, then cut 1 foot sections, each with several good leaves, and place them in darkened vases of water. If you use rooting hormone, you can dip the cut tip in that and then place it in moist soil media. Nepenthes take a long time to root from cuttings and some might not take. Just keep trying and look up info on the subject to enhance your success. There are several alternative ways to root Nepenthes cuttings.

Books on the subject are as follows:

Nepenthes of Mount Kinabalu by Shigeo Kurata

Insect-Eating Plants & How to Grow Them by Adrian Slack

D'Amato's Savage Garden

Have fun with your Nepenthes

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

Nepenthes don't like wet feet. The roots probably rotted.

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thanks for all the growing tips look mt plant.

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banjoman(z7 NY)


Don't worry. Your Nepenthes (I assume you have a Nepenthes) is probably OK. Don't let it sit in water, but instead, water the top of the soil with distilled or rain water every 2-3 days.

Regarding loss of pitchers, this is fine if the leaves still look healthy and green. Nepenthes can sometimes stop producing pitchers for as much as a few months. Keep the plant in a well-lit window and continue watering it as described above. Be patient, and it will start making pitchers again. Having the older pitchers turn brown is a normal part of the life cycle of your plant.

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kkaren_marie(SW coastal Cana)

I water and mist my plants with water from my koi pond and they have gotten huge. Must love the extra nutrition.

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I have found nepenthes don't produce pitchers if the humidity is too low. Also tap water seems to work fine

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Nepenthes loves fertilizers. And while they don't get fertilizers in the wild, I am not sure what plants in the wild does??? But this doesn't mean that they won't like it.
I have fertilized my nepenthes for over ten years and they have grown wonders. I do admit that once your nepenthes becomes a giant, stop fertilizing altogether won't slow their growth.
Orchids don't get fertilizers in the wild, yet does much better when fertilized in captivity. The same holds true with nepenthes. BTW nepenthes do get a form of liquid fertilizing every time a heavy rain storm dissolved minerals and the rain water itself through lightning releases and bonds nitrogen with rainwater truly fertilizing everything.

Fertilizng encourages growth on every aspect of the nepenthes plant parts.
N. alata grows much better with some fertilizers added as a liquid feed to the soil/roots.

They tend to grow better when given regularly with plants copying their natural counterparts with lots of growth and pitchers

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You should post a whole bunch of pictures of your neps, RainforestGuy. I would like to see your whole collection! (if you do though try to on a new post!:)

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adrnnszf(z6 MA)

I just received one of these as a gift. It is in the green plastic nursery pot: do I keep it in this? And what kind of growing medium does it prefer?

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You can keep it in the green pot. I grow my Neps in 50/50 mix of Perlite and peat moss.

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A couple of pitcher stems were broken in transport, should just the pitcher be removed or the entire leaf?

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