Chalcid wasps emerged from chrysalis I think

christie_sw_mo(Z6)September 8, 2010

First time this has happened to me. I saw what I thought were gnats in my a container where I raised black swallowtails. I had also put a Gulf Frit chrysalis in with them that I found outside already formed. After shooing the gnats away outside, I noticed the Gulf Frit chrysalis had a couple tiny holes in it and was empty. I think they were actually Chalcid Wasps that had infected the Gulf Frit and now I wish I had squished them all. : (

I read that "They often mate immediately and are ready to infect other chrysalises". Does anyone know how long that takes? They were in with my swallowtail chrysalises for less than an hour. Do they only lay eggs in chryalises that are in the process of being formed?

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All good questions. I know the only time I have seen one on a chrysalis (other than when they come out) was when it had newly formed. But never say never. Did you see Edith's page on them? It is very good.

Here is a link that might be useful: parasitoids

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Thanks for the link. I hate to look at stuff like that though. ewwww
I learned if they're infected, the bands will turn dark on the chrysalises so I'll watch for that.

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runmede(7a Virginia)

I had these attack my Baltimore Checkerspots this year. The Checkerspot cats are really spiny. They were waiting on the side of the netting until the caterpillar started to pupate and then when the chrysalis was still wet, they attacked. I squished as fast as I could.


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