Purple Pitcher transition (Saracenia purpurea)

jimbolhiMarch 2, 2009

In early January, after returning from a trip down the southeast coast and seeing many carnivorous plants, I got a couple of the deathcube Lowes plants as an Xmas stocking stuffer. The split rock didn't makes it, but the P.P. seems to be thriving. Based on this one and other forums, I didn't "winter" the plant as it was only a couple of inches high. I took it out of the cube and 50/50 mixed it into a small reptile cage, and place it on the window sill on bright days, and on a kitchen counter with gro-lights above it when not. New shoots seem to pop up overnight, and each shoot seems to grow larger and have more color. When and how should I effectively make the transition to the outdoors, and when should I bring it indoors for dormancy. Also, just how much drainage is needed if I transfer it to a larger pot environment? Thanx!

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sundew21(usda 7)

Hi there I would try the outdoors in spring when it's warmer and for dormancy be4 a big frost hits bring it in. put it a pot with draninage holes in the bottom and set it in a tray with 1 inch of distilled water no tap or anything that has additives in it. Should have a good thriving plant I recommend reading The Savage Garden everything you need to know. Good Luck...

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Hey! I grew up in Bucks County although I now live in NJ. I grow my Sarrs in large, plastic, undrained pots. I grow them in a mix of mostly peat moss, with some sand, perlite, and acidic soil (from under a large pine tree) mixed in. They stay outside on my patio from about April through about late October. The plants naturally begin to go dormant with the shorter days and cooler temps, and I leave them outide for a few frosts. Before it gets REALLY cold, I bring them in to my dark, attached garage. They get trimmed back sometime in Feb, and go out again sometime in early April.
When you bring your plant outside in Spring (I would recommend early May since it is actively growing), start it out in bright shade with just a little bit of mrongin sun, and SLOWLY move it into a sunnier position over a period of about two weeks or so.

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orquidman2004(z8 Coastal Ga.)

Hola-Ikeep all the sarracenias outside all year! And trim the old leaves when they brgin grow new groth all over.

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New shoots donÂt pop over night from a Sarracenia rhizome. About dormancy, lower temperatures & a drop of photoperiod triggers the dormancy. That is usually in the beginning of winter.

Anyways. Keep up posted on your plants.

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

Actually dormancy is triggered by the changes that occur in Fall and not Winter.

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After all danger of frost put it outside in FULL SUN. Keep it outside until night temps stay at around 40 degrees. I put mine in the fridge for the winter until mid February then I take them out and place in a south or west window until all danger of frost is gone (end of May). Mine are blooming right now on a south facing Kitchen table.

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