bog planter (experiment) for the desert dweller

txcpMarch 23, 2013

I live in the desert and because there is little to no information on growing carnivorous plants in the desert I put together a bog planter for carnivorous plants I will post the design of the bog planter at a later date the plants I will be using are Sarracenia purpurea Sarracenia dana's delight and Venus flytrap any questions or suggestions would be welcome

watch for updates

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There is lots of information on this site and on some of the other threads, but basically, Pitchers and VFTs require full sun and moist to wet conditions in the spring and summer and cool to cold, somewhat drier but still moist conditions in the winter. (This is when they rest.)
Humidity should be kept high during the growing season.
Serracenia spp can take colder temps than VFTs.

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And the title of the page is
bog planter (experiment) for the desert dweller

I am documenting an experiment

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