Repotted Venus Flytrap- Concerned!

mistwolf111March 28, 2014

About a week ago I got a venus flytrap... It came in a little plastic pot, that was full of Sphagnum moss. It took me the full week to find soil I thought might work. (I went by information I looked up on the internet. It had peat moss and perlite and claimed good drainage- seemed to fit what I read.. and it didn't say anything about added nutrients/fertilizers.) So last night I repotted it, and then watered it. This morning, when I went to check on it, I was surprised to find the outside of the clay pot I'd put it in completely covered with white powdery stuff. I tasted it (because I read it was probably salt) and it.. tasted... like salt.

The plant itself started drooping quite a bit, and most of the traps closed, and I'm pretty sure that they didn't just happen to catch a lot of insects.

The water I used was melted snow (and I let it warm up too so it wasn't cold!)... not tap water.

I'm scared it's going to die...

Does it sound like it'll recover? What can I do to help? Is the salt from the pot itself somehow, or is it probably in the soil I used? Any information would help...

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It is best to buy peat moss and perlite separately because most of soil mix do have fertilizer in them.
Sail + VF= death plant
I am assume you get your snow from the street where they spray down with salt to melt the snow?
What you can do is wash the root with distilled water, get new media, keep it in low light and wait

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It might be mold or fungus. Use a SULPHUR based fungicide if it is. It'll take a while for the plant to recover from repotting.

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