Nepenthes for Beginner

mildewMarch 1, 2014

I'm looking to start growing nepenthes.

What I've researched so far is the growing conditions these plants require, and it's making my rethink about growing these.

Which species of nepenthes are the hardiest and easiest to grow?

These will be my growing conditions.

Zone 6-7
Do no like terrariums
Can use window sill
Can use small plastic green house
Want mostly keeped outside

Any help is welcomed.

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First WHERE are you? Neps are easy for the most part. A bright, indirect Sun location, keep the soil MOIST at all times and that's about it. Protect from the cold (bring inside before it gets real cool out in fall).

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Most likely will be sticking with the green house.

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Some Nepenthes are significantly easier than others, but none will tolerate anything colder than an occasional light frost. Expect to grow this plant indoors during the winter, straight up.

Nepenthes ventricosa is a great option for someone beginning with carnivorous plants. It is vigorous, widely tolerant, and quite rewarding. Occasionally you will find in box stores like Lowe's in those little cubes with other carnivores. Snatch a healthy one up fast if you find it. Otherwise it can be ordered from a reputable grower (California Carnivores is a good option) online for slightly more money. After frost it can be brought outside and grown in dappled sunlight.

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Just bought my first pitcher plant yet the pitchers are dry. Do I have to put water in them?

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You an put a little distilled or rainwater in them. NO TAP water. Don't fill them, they only produce enough about 1/2" deep or so.

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You live in zone 6-7 it is best to look for high land Nepenthes. They tolerate the cold better than the low land variety.
exp: Nepenthes ventricosa, Nepenthes alata, Nepenthes sanguinea
Most of the time, the cheaper the plant the easier it is.
But there is no Nepenthes that can grow out side year around in your zone.

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Ventrata is another good beginner Nep. Grows like a weed! Easy to start new plants from stem cuttings.

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Nepenthes truncata, briggsiana, ventricosa are about the easiest. The hardest probably is villosa lamii or Edwardsiana because all of those need cold temperature with villosa liking 45-50 degrees at night

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