A very angry nepenthes

favorite_kitty(Zone 5)March 11, 2013

Hello everyone :)

I have a nepenthes in a hanging basket and much of the stem is browned without any leaves left. Its growing new pitchers at the very end of the stem but as it grows longer, the brown also gets longer :/ What would you do to help this plant? Can I cut the stem and then replant it?

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Leave it alone. Or if the end of the vine has at least 3-4 leaves you could start a new plant by taking a cutting.


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favorite_kitty(Zone 5)

It does have about 15 leaves at the end with several pitchers. I am just afraid that the brown, dead looking stem in the middle is going to die and it will break off anyway. There is about a foot of brown stem without leaves. Its really mad!

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It's normal. Some of mine do that too.

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