Container for sarracenia?

shmooey(7B Seattle)March 22, 2010

I just brought my sarracenia inside from their overwintering spot, to plant into a real container for the coming season. I needed something lightweight, and something that would be insulating for overwintering them. I used a Styrofoam cooler filled with Sand, Peat, Long fiber sphagnum peat moss, Pearlite, some charcoal, and some crushed lava rock (i was at the end of all my bags, so i had to mix what i had).

I put a few drainage holes on the side of the cooler, a few inches from the bottom, so it wouldn't get too waterlogged.

Does anyone see a reason why this wouldn't work? I don't even know if my plants lived through the winter, so I'm taking a chance on this whole thing. I thought the roots looked alive, but who knows. I really want to keep them happy!

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I don't know about the soil mixture but the only thing i'd do is trim a bit off of the pot..looks like you have an inch and a half from the soil to the top of the planter..and it creates a shadow..if your at the end of your soil bags then id do allow more sunlight to the plants

(keep in mind this is my 2nd year growing CPs so i could be wrong..but worth a shot)

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In the bottom of my deeper pots I put styrofoam peanuts as a filler.The Sarracenia roots won't go that deep.If you want to -put the styrofoam in a plastic bag and lay them in the pot,that way the peanuts won't get mixed in with the potting mixture.

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Hi mike!how deep are your deeper pots?im asking coz i have a sarracenia in a gallon pot i repotted last August (i had to,the plant was really rootbound)and i already see roots coming out of the bottom holes which means ill have to repot it again in the future.Can i do that?

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Hi angellilly, the pots I have vary in depth. Some are 18 inches, some 14 inches.At the bottom I put the "peanuts" in sandwich bags as a filler. My pots are also very wide - 16 to 18 inches across.I put a couple of Sarracenia in with live Sphagnum moss and put sundews in to fill in the spaces. If you give the roots room to grow horizontally,they won't go deep on you too quickly.Hope this helps,good luck.

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Hi Mike!They reason i put them in deep pots is that during summer they go long periods of time unattended and they dry out slower.I dont need to check them every day for the water level.Ill see what i can do,thanx for the tip! :-)

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