What are these fuzzy, spongy plants called

byron_1(z10FL)March 29, 2011

On the Wistuba's website there is this Heliamphora with some nice fuzzy, spongy plants around it.


Can any one tell me what are they? And can you grow them in terrariums with your CPs. Cause it would be cool!

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They look like lichens. Similar ones grow in North Florida. I was able to get some growing on leaf litter once.

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Thanks, I know a place near my home where I can get some really beautiful ones that are growing on some trees. However, I do not know how to grow them in terrariums. They end up slowly dying. I heard that they do not like to be on soil but on rock or bark. So I will try that next time. If you or any one else may have some good information on how to grow them, that would be extra cool.

Thanks again.

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

Don't take the lichen off the bark. Take the bark off the tree.

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Some of them appear to be growing right on the floor or is it that they fell off the three?

If I take one home, can I grow it in a terrarium with my CPs?

What exactly do they need. I have read that this is not a pure organism that it is an associated organism made of fungi and plant cells.

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A lichen is a symbiote of an algae and a fungus. They need absolutely the best quality of air that you can give. Any contaninants in the air will cause them to die, even in the tiniest concentrations. Probably excellent air movement with high humidity may be beneficial. Otherwise they simply fade away.

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