d filiformis tracyi

ace209erMarch 3, 2013

Helli i recently purchased a filiformis tracyi i wanted to c if anybody new how fast do they grow. I alao have a vft coming out of dormancy should i trim off all the winter traps to make room for new growth or just leave them and cut them of when they get black. If anybody has any info an u please help me out. One more question i am verfy interestedin purchasing a nepenthes but i hear they are hard to grow any recomendations for indoor growing a nephenthes in northern california the central valler to be exact.
Thank you Abel aceves

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On the VFT just cut off the black stuff, leave the green stuff alone.

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Ok thanks

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Ok thanks

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Drosera filiformis is a relatively fast growing sundew once they come out of dormancy. They are similar in culture to VFT and they can be grown together outside in the summertime in direct sunlight, with some shade during the heat of the day.
In Fall/Winter, reduce watering and keep plants between 40-50 degrees F either in an unheated basement or in the fridge.I like to keep mine in the basement, on the cold floor, and just moist, not wet. To water in wintertime, I use snow from outside to keep both cool and moist.
I put mine outside after threat of frost has past. You can put them out as early as April if you cover them.

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