New Pitcher Plant Help

RavenovaMarch 28, 2013

I have a new Pitcher Plant in my office that I have had for about three days. It has three pitchers, each about eight inches long. I've been growing plants in my office for about a year. I have 15+ and they all like the environment. I have them directly under a florescent light where I put the pitcher plant. I gave it a cup of water, and filled each pitcher about half way full of water. I found a dead wolf spider at my house and brought it in to give to the plant (it seems to be digesting it too). However, I noticed that the lid of the pitchers is starting to brown and die. One is completely dead (it was almost dead when I bought it) but now the healthy one seems to be dying to. What does this mean?

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The lids dieing off is normal. Soon the pitcher will die when you see that. They don't last forever. Since spring is now here new pitchers should start forming in the coming weeks. You can give them some 1/4 strength Orchid fertilizer to help induce pitchering.

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Thanks! Now the pitchers have small sticky brown areas on them, so I presume that they are about to die (even though they still seem effective at catching bugs.) I'm a little nervous trying the fertilizer since this is my first pitcher plant. Is there any special way I should go about fertilizing it?

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Make a 1/4 strength solution of orchid fertilizer and spray on the leaves every 2 weeks to initiate pitchering. You can clip the old pitchers off any time you're sick of seeing them as they die off.

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The link doesn't work for me. Buy regular orchid food locally then mix it at 1/4 the recommended rate. Then put that in a spray bottle or drench the soil with it once every 2-3 weeks until pitchering begins.

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