Please help. My nepenthes has dried out!

kimchan_nMarch 2, 2012

I don't know what to do! I've had my pitcher plant since late november of 2011. It was slowly turning brown so I thought it may need some fresh air. I hung it outside to get some sun and forgot to bring it back in. After that night my poor little plant has been completely dried out. All brown and black and dry ):

I don't know what to do to help my plant!

Although the part closest to the soil is quite green.

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Keep it watered from now on and watch for NEW growth. Whatever is dried out and dead looking probably IS dead. ALWAYS keep the soil moist.

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Nepenthes are difficult plants to grow outside of a greenhouse regardless of what anyone may tell you as they also require high humidity to do well. I'm not sure what size your plant is but best bet to save is place in a clear plastic bag or glass container in bright light with some water dripped inside to create a humid atmosphere. I've been growing these for almost twenty years and they just don't do well outside of a humid atmosphere.


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No they are not hard to grow outside of a greenhouse. Just keep the soil constantly moist and give it bright filtered Sun. That's it. In the spring feed it a 1/4 strength dose of orchid food to induce pitchering. Then once a month until fall. Then bring back in the house and put it in a south or west window.

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I'm going to have to agree with tommyr here, but it really depends where you live. I grow many Nepenthes here indoors under artificial lighting, outside all spring through early fall. Only some of the most picky species I grow a terrarium, but only because I turn my heat down too far for lowlanders in the winter here.

Your Nepenthes should recover if it is just burnt and dehydrated. Keep it moist from now on and you'll be fine. Cut off any parts that are totally dead, but don't cut into stem that is still firm as new leaves can sprout from them if the tissue inside is still alive. If it's in a spot you tend to forget about it, move it someplace you will see it every day. Or if you can't water it as often as you'd like give it a potting mix that's mostly long fibered sphagnum moss. I do that for my seedlings as the pots tend to dry out quicker than I want to be watering them.

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Try giving your plant a boost. Water with Superthrive (just a dilute amount) and add a dilute liquid fertilizer like any good orchid soluble fertilizer. Use this fertilizer once every two waterings with plain fresh water in between. Water generously with excess allowed to drain from bottom drain holes.
Trim away any brown dead foliage and start new.
Give this strong light so as to get the new growth adjusted to its new environment.

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Nepenthes are very adaptable. You just need to acclimate them to your conditions and they will eventually come around and adjust. Of course you'll need ample water, light and humidity to help them grow well.

They do not need to grow in a greenhouse. They do fine outdoors too!

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