MA Grows (cold zone 5)

icenineMarch 17, 2008

I'm just wondering what other growers who live in Mass or in a cold zone 5 are doing with their temperate plants right now. This is my first spring after over-wintering some pitcher plants and flytraps, and i want to make sure i'm doing it right. Currently their in the basement under grow-lights in roughly 50 degree weather, showing the first signs of new growth.

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Mine are in co-worker's garage, by a window. Before that we lived in an apartnment that had an attic. So I had them all by a window in the attic. In a month or so it will be warm enough to take outside. I live in Western NY!

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In South Texas I already have mine starting to flower and in full growth.

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My plants spent the winter in an east attic window. The Sarracenias are starting to send up their flower spikes.

We've had the snowiest March on record and My plants will likely be in the attic for another month at least.

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