HAVE: Greensboro area giveaways (or trade)

wherewerewe(z7 NC Triad)March 19, 2007


I am having to make room for some new plants I 'had to have' so I have several established plants that have to go. Ideally, I would like to trade mine for something but if it comes down to it, I will be willing to let them go as long as you can come by and haul them off. I live off of Wendover & Rt. 68 so I am not hard to find.

I will be looking at all the responses and wait until I receive a few trade offers prior to giving them away. Considering most of these established plants are worth quite a bit retail-wise I hope you understand my desire to swap them for something.


Manhattan Euonymus 4'X3'

Juniper 'Old Gold' 2.5'X2.5'

Crimson Barberry (3) 3'X2.5'

Pampas grass divisions 1'X1' or >

Emerald Gaiety (3) 1'X2' (1 is 2'X3')

Dwarf Alberta Spruce (2) 2.5'X1.5'

Maiden Grass divisions or entire clumps (3) 7'X3'

Flame Creeper Azaleas (9) 1'X2'

Liriope (10) large clumps (can be divided)

Kopper King Hibiscus 4'X3'

Unknown Hibiscus (still in Lowes container)

Curly Leaf Ligustrum 3'X2'

Silver King Euonymus 2'X2.5'

Sweet Tea Olive 5'X3' Nice!

Leatherleaf Viburnum (2) 3'X2'

Pony Tails grass (3) 2'X2'

Hostas (10) (unknown varieties)

Sedum 'Autumn Joy'

Crimson Japanese Maple 4'X2.5'

In search of:

Armeria * (Easily found in HD/Lowes now)

Muhly grass or other dwarf ornamental grasses

Blue Oat grass

Variegated Iris (Zebra Iris)


Craspedia globosa Drumstick *

or ???

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I live in the Greensboro area and if you are giving these away I'd love to get some. I'm very new at this so I don't have anything to give for them

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The local Master Gardeners have a "passalong" sale at the end of April, so if you have any leftover plants after your Garden Web friends pick theirs up, we would love to have them. I have some things potted up...trillium, gingers, itea...to swap that I was going to put in the plant sale. Email me. I am in the NW section of the county but could arrange to come by. Again, this is assuming that your other Garden Web people don't take everything. They get first dibs!

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wherewerewe(z7 NC Triad)

Forgot to add a few shrubs/plants on the list...I also have:

1 Beautyberry Bush (Callicarpa Americana) 3'X3'
? English Ivy (variegated green/white) varied length
1 Virginia Sweetspire (white bottlebrush flowers) 3'X3'
3 Verbascum (Silver Lining) in second "blooming year" 7'X2'

I'm not asking for much in return...I'm basically looking for some simple Ornamental grasses (even though I have a gazillion Pony Tails grasses I have to offer). If you don't have any OGs, they can be easily acquired at most any nursery, but technically, I don't know if it's exactly 'proper etiquette' (GW law) to ask others to "acquire" plants in exchange for others -- buuuuttt I have done so in the past in order to acquire what I considered a hard-to-find plant in my area -- is that the same as having to report finding a $5 bill on the sidewalk to the IRS? =)

Well...I'm not quite getting the responses I thought I'd receive. Perhaps it's too early in the season and most haven't come out of hibernation yet, hehe. Wish I could just sleep through into Spring of '08....yaaaaaaawwwnnn. Then again, perhaps I don't have what others are looking for. Hate to see all the $$ wasted and them not find happy new homes.

Maryann...welcome to the GW family. I'll definately have something free for you...please just give me a little time to attempt to swap for some Ornamental grasses or other 'wants'. Please email me in 2-4 weeks and remind me so we can then talk about what you'd like ok? What would you consider your top 5 wants from my list? -- and I'll attempt to hold one or more.

NCrescue, I would consider you just as a eligible for my plants as other GWers - I'm actually a little confused as to why you feel as though you would only get leftovers; then again, I am easily confused (remember Dori in "Finding Nemo"? - HA, she's too funny. I sent you an email about the passalong. Any chance you could ask around your Master Gardener friends to see if they would have any OGs available? I'm looking for Pink Muhly grass, Blue Oat grass, Pine Muhly grass (High Country Gardens), Japanese Blood grass, Dwarf Fountain grass, etc - basically most any dwarf OG should do. I have big'uns I need to divide and share - Maiden, Pampas and Zebra.

I can email digital pics of any of my plants above if anyone would like to see them.

til then, take care.

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I really do appreciate you remembering me. I've looked thur your lists and here are my top five
Dwarf Alberta Spruce
Sweet Tea Olive
Crimson Japenese Maple
Kopper King Hebiscies
Crimson Barberry
If I can get any of them I'll be glad
Thanks so much
I'll email you in a couple of weeks
Maryann 2007

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HI, I am in Charlotte but I would like to trade. I would like your Crimson Japanese Maple and the Dwarf Alberta Spruce. I have Japanese Blood grass, Northern Sea oats, and a few other of the dwarfs I need to go look at there tags. Just let me know. Thanks Jennifer

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dtpforu(7a NC)

wherewewere, another thing you might consider, is our spring swap in High Point. If nothing else just to meet local gardeners and have fun!

Here is a link that might be useful: Triad Swap

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dtpforu(7a NC)

wherewewere, I just noticed that you have sweet tea olive and the Crimson Japanese Maple. I really would like that, Please, please, please! But I also noticed that someone else on here has asked for them. Rats!
Dwarf Alberta Spruce would be nice, maybe a couple of your Flame Creeper Azaleas, and maybe some of your Pony Tails grass.
Anyway, I have some things you might like. Do you like daylilies? Not talking about the orange ditch lilies, but nice named hybrids. Also, I have tons of lycoris radiata and also rice paper plant.

Just thought I'd throw those out there.

You can see any of my plants and flowers at the link below.


Here is a link that might be useful: Vickie's plants

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dtpforu(7a NC)

by the way, I have Armeria.

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