sun exposure for brugmansia in phoenix

ram6260(9b)July 5, 2013

Purchased two brug cuttings a month ago and have them growing in pots under my citrus trees. They are doing fine but should they be getting more light?

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Hi ram, I'm in Tucson and have very limited brug experience, but I would say if they don't look leggy leave them right there in the shade.

I have mine on the porch, facing north, and it bloomed last year. (This year it lost its leaves to mites, but that's another story.)

I did move it to a little more sun last year after it bloomed in September, but several of its leaves quickly fried. So if you do need to give them more sun, do so very gradually and keep an eye out for how they respond. Phoenix is even hotter than Tucson!

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Thanks for the response. I plan to move them gradually into the sun as it cools off. I have grown these before and got discouraged by how they seemed to struggle through the heat of the summer. My little cuttings are surviving so far. Giving them plenty of water. Have them in small pots and have them on drip with 2 waterings a day. Getting fed through injectors in the drip system. I have found it interesting that brugs struggle here but daturas grow like weeks in full sun.

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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

I am not in Arizona, but North Texas where the temps are in the triple digits a lot in July and August, and I grow all my brugs in filtered sun with the exception of Dr. Seuss. He is a sun lover and as long as he has the required amount of water, he just laughs at the sun. A lot of the hybrids cannot take much direct sun at all, so I would say you would need to know the parentage of your brug before you decide where to put it. Ideally, they like cool nights and warm days, but that just isn't in the cards for me where I live. Good luck with getting yours placed in the proper amount of direct sun.

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