Nepenthes Ventrata Questions

Sunrise Vineyards(6 (Western NY))March 9, 2013


I purchased a Nepenthes Ventrata over the summer from a local garden center. I have a few questions.

Since the summer, my Nepenthes Ventrata produced two beautiful 20" shoots with nice leaves, however no pitchers at all. It is hanging in an east facing window over my kitchen sink. I live in zone 6 just outside Buffalo NY.

I called the garden center where it was purchased and asked them why it does not produce pitchers. I was told that it will not produce pitchers until it is placed outdoors for the summer. This contradicts other info I have read stating it should be placed in a bright window with no indirect sunlight.

Would it be safe to hang this outdoors on the east side of my house with only morning and early afternoon sunlight?

Also, I have read where some people feed these plants with goldfish pellets and bloodworms. is this recommended?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,

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They for the most part stop making pitchers over the winter. Although you MAY get an occasional one. Starting in about April go get some Orchid fertilizer. Make a 1/4 strength solution of it (using rain or distilled water only) and put some in a spray bottle. Spray the plant well every 2 weeks. This initiates pitchering. Make sure it gets bright indirect Sun.

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Sunrise Vineyards(6 (Western NY))

Thank You!

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Is N. ventrata a good nep to grow for a newbie to the genus? If not, which one has reasonable hardiness for our temperate climate in USA?

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Yes, Ventrata or Ventricosa are 2 easy one.

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