D. Capensis seed Q

goofy_507March 4, 2014

Quick question, can drosera capensis seeds tolerate cold(0-10F) for about a week? The reason I ask this is because I'm looking for some, and was wondering if they will be viable after shipping them in temps like that. Oh, and will this likely affect the germination rate greatly? If anybody wants to part with some seeds email me at hunteraevans@hotmail.com I will send a SASE! And will deffinately work with you on a trade as soon as I get a collection! I will remember you!!! Thnx, and wish everybody great growing!

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I don't have any seeds for you(as I've never been able to obtain any from my own plants) but I would think they should be okay with a 72 hour heat pack added.

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Capensis seed will not last with that temp... But you should consider leaf cutting. It works way faster

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