Sphagnum Moss NOT compact

mildewMarch 6, 2014

Where can I order dried sphagnum moss and not the compact stuff?

Ordered some compacted moss, and this stuff was junk. This stuff falls apart when hydrated. Not as fluffy as the non compact stuff. Every bit of it was almost shredded.

Use to order from private sellers, but the either don't stock anymore, or switched over to the compact junk.

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I always just get the Orchid Moss grade from local stores- avoid the Mosser Lee as it is notorious for bad quality and "extra stuff" in there you don't want. I only really use LFS as a pot hole filler anyway. Down here it is far too humid for something that tends to mildew as easily as LFS.

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I've decided to use it has bottom layer for pots and also use it for starting seeds, since it's already falling apart no need to shred.

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