Terrestrial/semi-terrestrial Utricularia

littlebrownfrogsMarch 14, 2013

Anybody growing some? I've been playing with a few species and have really been enjoying them. My largest monster so far is a "baby" U. longifolia, a massive change from U. gramnifolia!! I'm hoping to grow more from U section Foliosa, but there are just so many Utricularia to grow and try... if only more people actually grew them! Looking for other people with experience and recommendations!

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Terrestrial Utricularia spp are a delight indeed!. With their orchidlike flowers and grasslike leaves, these little beauties make the perfect accent for any CP collection. They require similar care to other CPs and will even tolerate a dormant period.
Some spp may need to be thinned out from time to time, but for the most part, these plants are well behaved. They need no feeding, as they feed on microorganisms in the media.

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