Juglans Californica / Southern California Walnut; Where

jmc0369July 26, 2011

Where to buy? Who has some seedlings? Looking to plant this native in Valley Center.



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In addition to Jon's question do I need more than 1 for pollination to be able to harvest in the future? I would be planting in Claremont. Thanks, Jim.

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Jon, is that San Diego County? Have you checked out Las Pilitas in Escondido?

Jim, perhaps you could get an answer from someone at Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Garden in Claremont.

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I struggle with hundreds of these seedlings every year. By the time the foliage of a seedling is big enough to notice, a tap root is a foot into the soil, and impossible to pull out unless the soil is wet. When they are in my pots I can pull them out due to the loose mix, but I doubt they could be shipped anywhere and survive the trip. The germination percentage must be pretty good, and you could plant your own. Al

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