My first release

monkeybelle(7A NJ (Camden County))September 14, 2012

Today after an exciting couple weeks, I was able to release my first butterfly into the wild. There are more in the lineup in the days to come. So amazing! I just had to share.


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I'm excited for you! I have to say the first one to me was the most amazing. But I am still thrilled each and every time I find an egg or cat and watch the miracle of nature unfold in front of me! Congrats!!

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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

What a beautiful monarch, Sandy - congratulations!


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monkeybelle(7A NJ (Camden County))

Thank you! This is very exciting for me. Since this morning I've been able to release 2 more and if I'm right, that makes 2 males and 1 female. I have 4 left so I'm hoping for a couple more days of this! Certainly breaks the monotony of writing papers.

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terrene(5b MA)

Beautiful female! How exciting! Even after 5 years, and probably 150 releases this year so far (don't know the exact count), it is still exciting. It does add a nice vibe to the day. I sure love my Monarch babies!

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Congrats Sandy! She's beautiful!

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Congrats, she is a beauty! I get alot of enjoyment on each and every one of my releases!

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monkeybelle(7A NJ (Camden County))

4 males and 2 females! Still one chrysalis that I have suspected may not make it. Its had a single dark blotch near the top for a week now and is still a milky green color despite all of its siblings having flown the coop already. Guess I'll give it a couple more days to see what happens...

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terrene(5b MA)

Yes give it a couple more days, esp. if it is still green. I've had several eclose this season that a dark splotch on the chrysalis and they eclosed just fine. I determined the dark splotches were chrysalis damage that occurred during pupation, because they were jostled by other butterflies that were eclosing on the same day. (My Monarchs all pupate on the roof of a largish pop-up enclosure).

After I figured that out I now move all the chrysalises that are darkening into a smaller pop up enclosure where they can emerge and not disturb their neighbors who are pupating.

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