Dewless ping

bradarmiMarch 8, 2009

I need CP experts:

I usually raise orchids and epiphytic cacti and broms. I have one ping (purchased to get rig of pesky fungus gnats). Problem, the ping doesn't seem to making any dew - as evident by several gnats swarming around the plant, landing on it and flying away.

Conditions: W/SW window no shading other than by larger orchids (dends and cattleyas, as well as adenium obessum - for comparrison). Humidity 45-70% and daytime temps 60-70F and night temps 50-60F, depending on outside conditions. I water with RO or rainwater and tap water (rotate) once or twice a week,no fertilizer. It flowered twice, and made another rosette of leaves, they don't seem sticky. Is the dew seasonal?

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Well what kind of ping do you have? To me it sounds kinda like a Mexican butterwort. During the winter their rosettes clump into a small dewless succulent. They do this because in their native habitat the Mexican/tropical pings have a mildly cool and dry winter. It is in this time that the butterworts bloom with fantastic flowers. Once summer starts they should receive more water and they'll grow large carnivorous rosettes with enough dew to catch a swarm of fungus gnats!

I'd recommend watering them through the tray method if you grow the pings in drained containers. During the summer make sure that the tray has enough water to make the soil the ping grows in moist to a little wet. When winter starts, let the water table drop considerably so that the soil is only slightly damp.

Good luck growing : )

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I would eliminate the tap water unless you know it's free of minerals. Technically, 'dew is for sundews and 'grease'for butterworts. The plant seems to be stressed for some reason. Sometimes the stickiness can't be seen unless you use a magifying glass. Try that.

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Winter leaves have no dew. STOP the tap water unless you want a dead plant soon.

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Thanks for the info guys, I am not sure what the species name, only the genus since it was marked "Ping." Now that spring is on its way, rain water is easy to collect, so goodbuy tapwater. I refuse to buy water in today's economy. I got 5 gallons of free rain water today and once I drain the winter cover on the pool I'll have more. thanks for the speedy responses everyone

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Can you post a picture?

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