Question about accidental waterings with tap water

gardenper(8)March 27, 2014

I'm interested to keep my CPs outside in the yard, either in their current plant container or maybe in a small artificial bog made from some other container, but I worry about accidental waterings with the water hose since they would likely be in the same spots for sun where other plants get water from the water hose now and then.

I know the general gyst is that over time the tap water is bad, but at the same time, I've read about others who experience dying plants within even just 1 week of using bad water.

For those persons having their plants outside, how careful are you about this accidental exposure to tap water or maybe you have put the plants further away so that the chances of this would be reduced.

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There are two factors to consider:
1) Where you live
Some area have their tap water with very low ppm, even low enough for you to use on yours CP. The only way to know this is to get a TDS meter because it can fluctuate greatly just within a city. My tap water ppm is around 170 and my friend, that live 6 miles away, is 230.
2) What type of CP that you have
Some CP are more acceptance of hart water than other. Like the Nepenthes, they will be okay with water at ppm around 160-170 as long as they are outside and in a open pot

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