Where to Buy Astroloba and care

Microthrix(9)June 2, 2012

As i was looking through some cactus websites i found Astroloba and instantly fell in love! So naturaly i looked at ebay to see what they have and there is nothing! Not even a seed! Does anyone know where i can find one of these? And do they have any specific care needs or are they just like Haworthia? Thanks all :P

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They are notorious slow growers, I mean slooooooow...so try and find bigger plants that you can enjoy. I sowed some seeds end of 2010...they have 2 leaves, I look at them once every six months and still no real difference ... sloooooow!

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Are they really THAT slow? I saw ONE on ebay but sadly didnt get it when i saw a stenocactus ... it had maybe 15 leaves tall and an offset ... i highly regret not getting it now :( it was like 15 bucks

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