Lance leaf sundew and butterwort flowering question?

sundew21(usda 7)March 3, 2009

Hi there I got a question if my plants flower which they are my butterwort has a nice yellow slight white flower popping out will that weaken the plant? My Lance leaf is flowering if I let it flower will it be fine? thanks when they get bigger i will post pics.

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Flowering only has an exhausting effect on VFT's or if a plant flowers a lot. Butterworts are known for their flowers and you could keep it on there and wait til seed pods form. For your sundew, you could also let it flower and wait for seeds. The flowers are a very deep red and are prettily shaped like stars.

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sundew21(usda 7)

Thanks so when it flowers all i have to do is take a tooth pick and wiggle it around in the flower to make it fertile for seeds. And if I get seeds I would be willing to trade for seeds or other plants. If anyone was up for it. my butterwort is still in its death cube but has a bunch of holes in the cube for air and i leave the lid cracked open. How tall will the flower get lol I never had one flower for me.

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Actually, with these particular species, you won't get seeds that will do anything for you. D. adelae and P. primuliflora spreads best via plantlets.

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Flowering of CPs of any kind does NOT weaken the plants, unless they are in bad shape to begin with. Cutting off the flowers is a BIG myth.

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