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shlacm(7a)March 28, 2010

My son got a VFT at Lowe's a few days ago. I searched on these forums and found instructions on transplanting it, which we did last night. It had virtually no roots and I didn't notice a bulb... I have informed my son that "George" is probably not long for this world, but he is determined that the thing will live. Anyway, 24 hrs after the stress of transplanting "him" there are still no signs of impending death, so I figure we ought to give it some light. What kind of bulb should I get for it? Don't suppose it actually has a chance of making it, does it?


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A florescent light a few inches above the plant. It will need to go outside in full Sun after your last frost. Water with rainwater or distilled water only, no tap water.

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

No more than 3 inches away for fluorescents. Don't keep it waterlogged under lights either. Once temps stay above 50 it can go outside in full sun and you can increase the water level. RO water is ok also.

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where do u live? u may grow it outside?

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