burning new saracenia?

theyellowdartmtiMarch 10, 2008

I just recieved my order from california carnivores: an s. leucophylla and an s. 'judith hindle'.

They both seem to be dormant right now (judith hindle has phyllodia and the leucophylla has its pitchers cut down from the nursery) and I placed them both on my north facing back porch the first day I got them. Now I've put them on my south facing patio thats gets LOTS of sun. In the last day, the judith hindle as developed a sort of brownish hue climbing up the phyllodia; in some pictures I've seen of this plant that coloration appears to be normal.

Or is it?

Could it have developed this coloration that quickly? Or am I putting into a state of shock and burning it with such a quick movement into brighter light?

The problem here is I'm not sure of the growing conditions, amount of sunlight, etc at California Carnivores.

Please help me out.


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Introduce them to the Sun a little at a time. Accustom them to full Sun a little at a time, like any other plant. Eventually get them to full sun all day if possible. Rain water or distilled water only, NO TAP WATER OR BOTTLED WATER.

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I know how to take care of them, thanks. I've been growing for 4 years now. And I'm really not trying to be mean.
I just need to know if it's getting burnt.

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Both ordinary glass and plexiglas block most UV light (something like 90% blockage), particularly the shorter wavelengths. So if the plants were raised in a greenhouse, they would not be accustomed to UV light even if they were grown in full sun in the greenhouse. (I don't know how they raise plants at CC.) To be prudent, I would assume that they are greenhouse raised plants so have no tolerance to UV, and I would very gradually acclimatize them to sunlight outdoors.

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Thanks for the advice.

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I visited California Carnivore twice and had the pleasure to meet Mr. DâÂÂAmato in person (in my silly ignorance, I bumbled into his nursery when he's closed for the whole day busy fililng out mail orders, he is a very patient man), and I plan to do visit his nursery again (hopefully) this year. The plants they sell are grown in huge quantities in kiddy pools, and some of the smaller plants like small Sarracenias, Utricularia, D. capensis, D. binatas on shelf outside their greenhouse. They are under the sun only have a light cloth to keep away birds but doesnâÂÂt provide shade at all. So their plants are quite hardy.

I would be surprised that your plants are being burned by sunlight. What concerns me is that the brown is starting from the base where it connects to the rhizome.

Hmmm⦠usually I have some advice. How is the growing tip? Is there any browning occurring on it as well?

As long the growing tip is still show the healthy reddish and green, it should be okay. But to be safe, follow the advice of slowly introducing them to light.

Good luck and happy growing!

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Thanks for the follow up.

The growing tip appears to be fine. It's mostly red with some spots of white.
How long ago was it that you visited?

some pictures:

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These pictures make the whole thing look a lot darker than it really is. The rhizome isn't really black like that.

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Sorry I didn't reply soon.

I was visiting some relatives 2 years ago and I just happened to stumble unto California Carnivores by accident, I passed by that area twice and didn't see it. Mr. D'Amato was very gracious allowing me to browse around when he was closed that day. Bought some few plants that day.

Last year in late September, I visited his nursery again but he was not there that day, Lois daughter was there and I bought some more plants that day too.

I plan to visit his nursery again hopefully this year again and this time this spring. He has a huge collection of Sarracenias, Nepenthes, Droseras, Pinguiculas, and Utricularias. Some rare collections are only available if you purchase them directly.

Anyways, looks like your plant is doing good, I'm not sure but it looks like its sprouting new traps

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