Leaf-drying a sign of shock on a VFT?

peace-maker-cp(9)March 26, 2009

Okay so I've had my VFT for a couple of days now and the edges of the leaves are kinda yellowish. I transplanted the plant from a death-cube to a 4-inch pot filled with the standard mix about 3 days back when I bought it. The plant was in an extremely humid dome with lots of condensation so I took the dome off and now have it in my terrarium where humidity fluctuates from 55-75% throughout the day. The leaves of the VFT are as I said, become a little yellow around the edges. Is this because of the shock of it not acclimating to the environment yet? It's traps are nice with a pinkish-red interior, and the new leaves emerging from the crown are growing at a moderate rate, increasing in size a little more everyday.

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

It is probably from the damage of transplant.VFTs and others get root damage very easy. Did you just pull the plug out of the death cube or did you remove the old media? The best way to transplant CPs is to transplant the current media with it so you disturb the roots as little as possible. I would just water and leave it alone for a while. If there was little damage it should be ok. Old leaves die off anyway and I wouldn't worry unless the grow point or center turns color and stops growing but even then I have seen plants come back.
Good luck....taz

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When I bought it, I transplanted it from the sphagnum it was wrapped in to a standard peat/sand mix, with some sphagnum as a medium dressing. I have it about 1 and a quarter of an inch of RO water at the moment. I've noticed that the yellowing of the leaves is gradually slowing down, and there's nothing wrong with the growing point. Small traps are visibly growing out of it and I had a couple of them open up today...ready for business.

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VFTs do NOT belong in a terrarium. Ut belongs in full Sun, OUTSIDE.

It will not last long in a terrarium.

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My cousin grows VFT's and some sundews in a 30 gallon terrarium and he doesn't have any problems except for the occasional fungus. He's been growing them this way for like 3 years, adding a refrigerated dormancy in the winter for the VFT's, and his plants look way better than mine.

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It's probably shock, assuming nothing else (insufficient light, bad water, etc). VFTs (and really all CPs that I've grown so far) seem to like to go into shock if anything major changes.

For example, I have 2 that I just moved outside and they're *pissed* -- wilting and shriveling up.

Here's what they looked like the first day (They are in a 10" High-Density Polyurethane Foam Pot for insulation):

And a close up of day 2:

However, the growing point appears fine, so it's just shock, I believe. Hope, anyway, I'm running out of VFTs! ;)

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Is fourteen hours under two 100 watt CFL bulbs enough light for them at this point? The leaves have about stopped the yellowing except for one that is still yellowing a little bit. I believe it's an oldie. I've also fed two of the traps over the time period in which i've had them: a baby grasshopper and a beetle. The plant itself has also caught one of it's own prey. I think that it may be a fly based on the silhouette.

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

1 1/2" of water is too much unless it is in a tall pot. You don't want any part of the bulb in the water, only the roots. 100wt CFL?? Do you mean 100wt replacement bulb, the coil type?
If so that's not intense enough. VFTs are very demanding when it comes to light. T12 sunstick or otto-light is all I use but you can also use a high output CFL or T5. You will need at least two 24" fluorescent tubes to get the light you need for your VFT to be happy without sun light.

tommyr give it up. They do not need full sun to thrive. You are obsessed with giving people false info. Are you related to scottychaos? He is from NY and also thinks his way is the only way. You will learn.

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The plant is in a 4.5 inch pot with 1 1/4 an inch of water. Yes, I do use the replacement bulbs. I keep the plant about 6 inches away from the lights. My terrarium is only 20 inches wide and 8 inches tall and I doubt I can get other bulbs. I'm thirteen so I have to ask my parents if I'm to buy more things and right now, my parents aren't really so supportive of me buying so many items for the plants because we're on a budget. Have any cheap alternatives? I also forgot to mention, the tank top only accommodates bulbs, not tubes. : (

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Taz sorry but you're wrong. I am not giving false info.

Anyone can google this info and see for themselves.

VFTs belong outside.

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It doesn't matter whether they're grown indoors or out. As long as they are given the right conditions, the VFTs will grow just fine.

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

1/2" of water is high enough. I'm afraid your lights are not bright enough but get your plant as close to the lights as you can and set your timer for 16 hours. If it starts to decline move it close to a window where it can get some sun light and crack the top so it wont get too hot.

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I have been considering that if the plant isn't out of its shock in about 2 weeks to a month, I'd acclimate it to a east-facing window that gets approximately 5 hours of direct sunlight: 6:00 a.m.- about 11:00 a.m. by giving it an hour of sunlight every day for a week(including terrarium lighting as well) and then giving it an extra hour the next week and so on until I can leave it on the windowsill completely. I'd give it some kind of cover, like a bottle terrarium so that it doesn't go into a worse shock from the drastic change in humidity.

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Also, I have the plant on 15 hours of light, still 6 inches away. The spring-summer/long-upright leaves are kinda droopy, but this is how they were when I first got the plant. If the newer leaves come in as tall and stiff, with nice green color, will that mean that I am growing the plant in suitable conditions?

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Depends on the variety. Most of them will actually turn pink/red in the middles when they have enough light.

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