Drosera capensis able to grow into different varieties?

peace-maker-cp(9)March 5, 2009

Okay, so is it possible for a typical Cape sundew to grow into the "Alba" variety, because that's exactly what has happened to mine. They both grow very well with lots of dew, so I know it doesn't have to do with their light. They do have a fungi problem but that's been dealt with, and in a couple of weeks they should recover. Anyone have suggestions on what's going on?

Here are some pics proving my claim.

Don't mind the icy bottle. That's there for temp control. The tank can get to 85 degrees in this warm weather so I place a bottle in there to cool down the temperature. : )

A typical red leaf.

A wrapped up "Alba" leaf. My plants have been growing with "Alba" leaves for about a month and a half now.

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It isn't that your cape sundew is changing into a different variety, it doesn't work that way. The problem is the light.

I grow my cape sundews in 2800+ plus spiral CFL bulbs and for 14 hours. They also have to be as close as possible to the spactrum of natural sunlight. That's why I have a 2 blue actinic light CFL bulbs to balance it as much as possible.

Cape sundews i grow is the alba, narrow leaf, and the typical. I plan to expand my collection this year. Hopefully I'll visit California Carnivores in California.

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So the reason they lost their pigment was because of the light spectrum? Are my plants going to be negatively impacted by this over time? They're both growing really well with plenty of dew and lots of new leaves. I just use two 1600 lumen CFL's that are on for thirteen and a half hours now on a timer. The plants are about five inches away from the lights.

Also if I were to get them accustomed to sunlight, would their color come back?

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Naw, you just don't get the red coloring on the normal cape sundew. They will produce shorter 10-inch flower scape of around 8 to 14 flowers thou.

It took me a while to figure the correct amount for my plants to get red, and when I did that. To my surprise, the capes began growing 18-inch flower scape with up to 35 flowers in one instance. But over 20 to 30 flowers are the norm.

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Phew! Well that's a relief. I guess a 10-inch flower scape would be better. I'd still get a ton of seeds and since my terrarium is kinda short, the flower stalk will fit.

Thanks for the help : D

But there's one more thing buggin' me. Will the flowers still be the same color or will they be lighter?

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