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kylestlMarch 31, 2009

Well me and my dad just started growing stuff this year and it really caught on. we were wanting to get into some carnivourus plants and i was wondering if anyone out there has some seeds they could send me or i could do a SASE. I will take any kind of carnivourous plant it really doesn't matter to me. Thanks.


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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

I don't know if you realize just how long it takes to grow carnivorous plants from seeds but I would advise you to get plants.
Some seeds have to be scarified, some stratified. Stratification takes a minimum of four weeks then another 3-4 weeks for germination. You will be watching a VFT grow through a microscope for the first 3 months and a magnifying glass for the next 3. Nepenthes seed can take up to 5 years just to germinate.
If you insist on buying seeds I would look toward a reputable dealer in carnivorous plants but even then you just don't know when the seeds were harvested therefor they may not be fresh and could be completely useless.
I have been waiting 6 weeks for some Drosera seeds to germinate and since October for Nepenthes seed.
I won't buy any more unless they come very cheap or better yet FREE!
Some CP dealers will give seeds away with a purchase but I think they are just getting rid of old stock.

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5 years? Nep seeds aren't viable past 2. The longest I've heard has been a year with good seed. Where did you get that information?

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

It may be just N. mirabilis that can take that long and I heard it on the phone from an acquaintance that has grown CP for 40+ years. He threw the pots contents on the ground after waiting 2 years and they popped up a couple years later. Sorry I can't prove that one.

The point I'm trying to get across is that it's too late in the year if you want to grow temperate plants or have them ready to go outside by spring.

Here is a helpful link to CP seed germination.


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