Trimming Sarracenia

nugardnrinncMarch 13, 2011

Hey guys. I had a friend give me what I believe is Sarracenia Purpea last fall. It made it through winter fine no thanks to me. I tried giving it some fungus gnats that came in with a few of my other plants. I don't think that was a good idea. The gnats were stuck on the inside of the tube and a mold or fungus has damaged the plant around this spot. The pitcher this is on is fairly large, but the spot is fairly small in comparison. It doesn't seem to be getting any worse. My question is should I cut this off or leave it alone?

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

Purpurea? Are you saying you skipped dormancy? If so I wouldn't be worried about that mold spot. How small is the plant that you are giving it fungus gnats? If young enough it may be ok skipping dormancy. Yes I would cut it off if it isn't the only functioning trap.

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Thanks for the response. I brought it in because I wasn't sure it would make the winter. From what I have read since I've found it probably would.

I believe it did go dormant, because it didn't grow at all throughout the winter. It was in my GH for a few freezes as I was gone for awhile, so I think this started dormancy. I can't say for sure because it didn't appear any different and I just don't know much about them. About 3 weeks ago I put it back in the GH and has since sent up a new pitcher that is growing quick, prossibly a 1/4inch a day.

When I got it only had 2 pitchers. One about 10inches and the other about 6. I gave them the fungus gnats basically just cause the gnats where in the house. I had squished them and then tried to put them in the pitcher. They got stuck right below the rim, I tried to knock them in, but was fearful of hurting the plant. I'm guessing this caused the problem. I probably shouldn't have tried to feed them anyway since they were dormant.

I had another question as well. I have been giving them rain water, but I keep Mosquito dunks in the water, mainly to help control the fungus gnats on my other plants. Will the bacteris affect the sarracenia? It hasn't seemed to. Like I said a new pitcher has grown to about 3 inches in the past 2 weeks, so I don't think it's hurting it.

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

No BT(i) or any other BT wouldn't hurt them. It's probably the best control for the gnats.

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