How close to the ocean does Venus Flytraps live?

byron_1(z10FL)March 23, 2012

I am wondering how close to the ocean do VFTs live. Since they live at the South Carolina coast, I wonder how close is that to the ocean.

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I'm lucky enough to live in Wilmington, which is the vft's native area, and also right on the coast. The vft's habitat is within a 70 mile radius of Wilmington. So anywhere from 70 to 100 miles. Hope that wasn't confusing.

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70 to 100 miles is not close at all to the shoreline. Why do they say that VFTs live by the shore? I'm just interested to know how close can I live to the shore having VFTs in my yard. They say salt in the air might be a problem when it comes to growing them too close too the sea. But what exactly is too close?

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They don't live ON the coast. They are located in freshwater swamps around the Cape Fear River. If you have any doubt, you should just try planting in a container. It'll be easier to maintain as well.

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I do have them in containers with trays. But how close to the ocean can I live having VFTs outside. The air can bring the salt and kill the plants would 5 miles away from the ocean be fine?

My question actually is how close to the ocean can Venus Flytrap survive in containers with fresh rain water? How far can the saline from the ocean travel in the wind?

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That all depends on the climate. But I would assume 5 miles is more than a safe distance. It's hard to believe enough salt particles in the air can travel that far. As long as you don;t have wave crashing close to your house, you should be safe.

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I live about 10 miles from the ocean and no problem.
But there is a problem if you are planning on leaving the plants with their pots emmersed in water. I had two plants and one was with about half the pot height in water and the other was not in water at all. The one in water died.
The one not in water is leafing out now. I water or spray it daily. It even flowers which I pop off to save the bulb.

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