WANTED: Raleigh Spring Swap 2009

MagickMareMarch 17, 2009

Okay... I had to start this thread.

John, how are things looking for the large shelter at Crabtree Lake in mid April?

As for what I'm looking for...


Japanese Painted Ferns

Flame Azaleas

Witch Hazel



What I have to trade...

Mexican Petunia

Wild Ginger

Native Ferns

Passalong Yellow & Purple Irises

Passalong mat-forming sedum

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I am looking for the Mango that sets fruit in 1 summer. I am also starting a veggie garden, so anything other then tomatoes and eggplant would be welcome.

I have tropicals
Ensete Maurelii
Musa Magarita
Musa Raja Puri
and of course Basjoo

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I got the Creech Road Elementary School Park shelter reserved for Saturday April 11, 2009 from 2pm til 4pm.

All the rules are the same as before. When I have time I will cut and paste all the details from past swaps.

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River Oats (Chasmanthium latifolium)
Foamflower (Tiarella cordifolia)
Scott's spleenwort fern

Toad Lily (Tricyrtis sp.)
Southern Maidenhair fern
Varigated Solomon's Seal
Climbing hydrangea
Will consider other shade tolerant plants

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karen__w(z7 Durham, NC)

Topher, I don't have a very good idea yet of what I'll be bringing to the swap, but I'd love to find something to trade you for an Ensete 'Maurelii' pup.

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Tammy Kennedy

John, i'd love to swap some toadlily for the spleenwort fern.

magick- which heliotrope are you wanting? The annual which smells good or the perennial that has no scent? I have lots of the perennial.

I'll try to get outside this week and figure out what i have to bring to the swap & post. i know i spotted some small carolina jessamines i need to dig for starters. I'll probably have a couple japanese climbing ferns, too.

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all the details:

Everything should be the same as usual. Let me know if anything needs to be addressed.

Announcing the 2009 Raleigh Spring Swap
Where: Creech Road Elementary School Park, Garner NC 27529
When: Saturday April 11, 2009
What Time: shelter rented from 2pm until 4pm
There is also a pot luck picnic - so prepare to eat!

New to the swaps? Dont panic, we are a friendly bunch. There are very few rules (we like it that way). Check the "Special Trades Thread" on GardenWeb/Carolina Gardening/Exhanges subforum for details concerning any special plants anyone is offering for special requests in exchange. Special trades are traded outside of the general swap - which is more or less a free for all. If you donÂt have any plants to trade, bring food (homemade is worth more than store bought by this group). DonÂt think that we only want to discuss or trade exotic or hard to find plants - it ainÂt so! we like the common stuff just as much. No matter what you bring, someone will want it, and if no one wants it you can take it back home or we can just toss it out at the end of the mayhem. The way this works is we pile all the general swap plants together on the picnic tables (no special method, just jumbled together). We do a quick walk around to explain any unusual plants. Everyone lines up on the edge of the shelter after they have designated a "Cache" or stash spot in the lawn outside the shelter. I ding a bell and everyone rushes in and grabs ONE plant, and then hauls it over to their stash site. Everyone lines up and we do it again. After a few rounds like this I up it to TWO plants per ding and eventually we just grab anything that is left over. I know it sounds messy but this systems works the best. By having the plants jumbled together on the table and not segregated into sections we keep the crowd of swappers from knocking each other over. By having the first few rounds for one plant, everyone gets a shot at the choice stuff.

Remember that this is really a way for you to meet people interested in the same style of gardening that you practice - or a way to get great starting out advice.

The Raleigh Spring Swap will be held at Creech Road Elementary School Park which is the same spot we held swaps the past. The park has a large shelter with bathrooms and running water/electricity. The shelter is a short walk from the parking lot so be prepared to haul your plants to and fro. This town park is a combination Elementary school playground/city park recreation area - so if you can find the school you can find the park. The shelter is at the back of the schoolÂs parking lot on your right as you drive in.

Set up begins as soon as the shelter is free (hopefully no one will be there before us). General Swap begins at 2:30pm ish. As soon as the dust settles and weÂve broken up any fistfights we will all sit down to a pot luck picnic lunch and behave like civilized gardeners. At any time special trades can be conducted either at the shelter or in the parking lot.

Need more help finding the place? Plug this data into mapquest (www.mapquest.com):
Creech Road Elementary School, 400 Creech Road, Garner NC 27529

Mapquest will also give you detailed instructions on how to get from your house to the park and back home again. For those of you somewhat familiar with the area, here are the basics: Garner is a suburb of Raleigh. Downtown Garner is 10 minutes from downtown Raleigh and due south of it. The swap location is just past old downtown Garner on the east side of town, north of Hwy 70. Though many of the roads I will mention are highways, in this area they look and feel more like city streets. Get off of Interstate 40 on exit #299 and head south (away from downtown Raleigh). The road you are on is called Person Street or Hammond Road depending on which direction you are going, as it comes into Garner it becomes Timber Drive (there is no "welcome to Garner" sign on this road). Pretty soon you will approach a large intersection of Hwy 70 and Timber Drive. You want to turn left and head east. There are two left turn lanes at this intersection, choose the right lane of these two rather than the far left. You will go through a few traffic lights. The street Vandora Springs will cross overhead. The next street crossing overhead is Hwy 50, exit on the right onto Hwy 50 and cross over Hwy 70. At the first traffic light turn Right onto Old Garner Road East and head east. After passing by old downtown Garner youÂll see a traffic light, turn Left onto Creech Road. You will see wooded parks and tennis courts and baseball diamonds on your right. The Elementary School is just after all that, on your right with a large blue sign. There is only one parking lot. The shelter for the swap is at the end of the parking lot on the right hand side.

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Thanks for the info John!!!

I'm also looking for Illustris & Black Magic Elephant Ears.

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Tammy - I am looking for the annual heliotrope which smells good

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Tammy - Trianglegardener has the spleenwort. TriangleJohn has just one spleen and no worts!!! hee hee hee - he so funny.

Magick - I over wintered some Black Magic but they look awful so don't expect much. Somewhere I had some Illustris also but I don't see them in my big pile of elephants. I picked up some little tiny starts of the newest versions of Alocasia's at the Philadelphia Flower Show, none are winter hardy here, one is a super dark glossy black. If it ever grows I will be sharing but it is supposed to be very slow growing.

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John - The glossy black sounds exciting! Keep me posted - I haven't seen my Mickey Mouse EEs yet - I'm hoping they made it through the winter, as they are one of my favorite plants.

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The correct name is Alocasia infernalis 'Kapit'. It doesn't get big, maybe two feet. I wanted it for patio containers. To me it looks more like a philodendron. I bought others as well, but they are all so tiny.. .I have trouble believing they are all gonna make it.

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We'll miss it, as we'll be out of town that weekend. We hope to make it in the fall though. We had so much fun last fall at our first one!

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Tammy Kennedy

oops- john i admit- i just read the triangle part and didn't think any further. Well, i don't need your spleen thanks. You keep it- really. I don't want any worts either. ;^P

So- trigardener, i have some toadlily i'd love to swap for your spleenwort. The one i have the most of is 'amethystina'.

I was scouting out in my yard today and i have 5 pots of jessamine, 2 pots of chrysanthemum 'country girl' seedlings, a couple pots of euphorbia robbiae, a couple pots of lathyrus latifolia seedlings (perenn sweet pea), some rudbeckia triloba, and a couple starts of the old fashioned bridal wreath spirea we've talked about before as well as lots of hellebore seedlings to dig still.

There's a list on my swap page of stuff i always have in abundance that i can dig, like obediant plant, b&b salvia, aromatic aster, jewelweed starts, perilla starts,' cherry bells' campanula puntacta, 'fireworks' goldenrod, etc. I haven't updated it lately, but feel free to ask if you see something you want.

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Does anyone have any varigated tapioco?

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Tammy - The toadlilies for the spleenwort fern would be great. I'm also interested in the euphorbia. Bob

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Tammy Kennedy

no problem, bob. I have them all over, if you want more than one. Deadhead or you will too! They have great green yellow filler blooms in about a month. Similar to lady's mantle, but does tons better here.

forgot to mention that i'm bring some dogwood babies, too.

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hightider(z8 NC)

Magic I have black magic and illistrious,as well as two new ones from plants delight, jacks giant, hilo,and diamond head,however they have not come upyet if I dont make the swap can mail you one for your mickey mouse when it comes up hightider

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karen__w(z7 Durham, NC)

Topher, my variegated tapioca is still tiny, but if you can't find it elsewhere I'd be glad to take a cutting for you after it gets some size on it this summer. I'm afraid I won't be able to make the swap after all (conflicts that weekend), but let me know if you don't manage to pick one up. --Karen

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Hightider - I'd rather not set up a trade until I see what comes up. But I will put one aside for the fall swap for you if they made it thru the winter.

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Ralph Whisnant(z7b-8 NC)

My wife got very sick at Christmas with pneumonia and only recently got out of the hospital. She is finally able to walk again and is in outpatient rehab getting stronger every day. As a result I have not yet started any seeds or divided the cuttings that I took last fall. Even so, I do have have some of the old standbys plus a few new things to offer for trade. (I still have most of the plants, if only as cuttings, listed on my original trade list which I have not updated.) The new stuff includes a beautiful green & yellow variegated Shell Ginger (Alpina zerumbet) which I believe that I can separate. Also, several unusual colors of Sun Coleus and of Double Flowered Impatiens. The latter include 'Apple Blossom', 'Ole Peach Sorbet', variegated "Pink Frost" and several other colors. Also, three versions of the new hybrid Euphorbia 'Diamond Frost', Silver Fog', etc. that make a basketball sized mound of tiny white flowers that last until late fall. Pineapple Guava seedlings that are now 2 years old in 1-gal pots. Plenty of the hardy Impatien arguta plus I. omeiana. And the following - May Apple, Japanese Painted Fern, Portulaca 'Giant Bicolor', Angel Trumpet 'Charles Grimaldi', Lysimachia 'Goldilocks' and 'Outback Sunset', Arum italicum, Toad Lilies including the variegated 'Lightning Strike', several Salvias including 'San Carlos Festival', Mexican Bush sage and uliglnosa; Bloodflower or Mexican Butterfly Weed (Asclepias curassavica) in gallon pots already in flower; Celandine poppies; hardy Fuchsia 'Sanihof'; Mexican petunias (Ruellia) and several varieties of Tradescantia.

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Tammy Kennedy

Ralph so glad to hear your wife is getting better everyday but sorry to hear the trials you both went through! Send our well wishes her way , please.

Your list is amazing as ever, esp given the problems. Are you looking for anything in particular yourself?

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Sory to here about your wife I am glad she is doing better. I would love to try some lightening stike toad lily. I can never get Alpina zerumbet to over winter, what's yor secret?

I will have at least one Loquat 2nd year plat to bring as well.

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rootdiggernc(Z-7A NC)

Hey Ralph, sorry to hear about your wife and glad she's getting better!

I'd love a couple of your Guavas if we can arrange something. What are you looking for?

I can't make it this year, but Tammy is going to handle a few special swaps for me.

TJ, you know to always keep me down for EE's, lol... I'll be up that way both before and after your swap so will see you sometime during that. Can't believe I'm going to miss it this year!

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jeane(7b Garner NC)

What an awful new year this has been for you two. Here's hoping things get better and you both have a healthy happy rest of the year.

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Ralph, I'm glad Cheryl is better. I bet you are both happy that you got to take that UK trip.

Karen, if you have any specials, I'd be happy to carry for you. You were missing a salvia last swap - can't remember which one, but let me nkwo because I remember that it was one I already have and can divide/root.

We're a bunch of slackers with no specials postings this year!

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Ralph Whisnant(z7b-8 NC)

I have noticed that there are lots of little seedlings of Verbena-On-A-Stick (V. bonariensis) coming up in one of my lettuce beds. Anyone who would like some, let me know. I will pot them up in 6-packs.
Likewise, the yellow-flowered day-blooming Evening Primrose (Oenothera berlandiera Siskiyou) around my mailbox needs thinning and I can pot these up in 6-packs for anyone that wants some. Be aware that these will spread out, but they do not appear to be as aggressive as the pink flowered O. speciosa. I have mine planted in a ring around the mailbox between the lawn and Stella d'Oro day lilies and they have grown into both.

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karen__w(z7 Durham, NC)

Brenda, thanks for the offer, but I'm not even organized enough for specials this spring. Hopefully I'll be in touch with you later in the season to see if there's anything we can swap here in N. Durham. I'm looking at all kinds of great plants right now that came from your garden to mine in past years (bloodroot, tiarella, brunnera, kirengoshoma, goodyera, iris tectorum, etc, etc) and thinking how much I've benefited from your propagation efforts. As for that salvia, Ralph had another and I met up with him after the big plant grab in Raleigh last fall, so I'm all caught up. My greenhouse is coming along, so I should be able to do a lot more salvia propagating for future swaps.

Ralph, I'm so sorry to hear what a time your family has had this winter, and glad that your wife is making progress in rehab. I've got a few things tucked away out there in my jungle that I thought you would like and will save them for next time I see you.

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Hi, everyone, this is my first post! First of all, I want to say a huge thank you for all the plants I received at the Fall Swap last year. I am just starting my garden in Holly Springs, and it was such a blessing!

Here is my wish list:
Veronica Georgia Blue
Salvia Cherry Chief
Salvia Hot Lips
Baptista Purple Smoke
Aster October Skies
Aster Bluebird
Artemisia Powis Castle
Purple Coneflower
Shasta Daisy
Russian Sage
Butterfly Weed
Hollyhock Zebrina

I have:
mini-mondo grass
regular mondo grass
passalong iris
mini daffadils (in the ground - can give out later?)
grape hyacinth bulbs
yellow yarrow
wild ginger (will pot if anyone wants it)
carolina jessamine (will pot if anyone wants it)
white flowering camellia starts (will pot if anyone wants)
Arp or Tuscan Blue Rosemary

I am looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday!

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tietie(z7b / 8 nc)

Ralph, so sorry that things have been rough for you and your family. It is good to hear that your wife is recovering. It will be great to see you both.

Well, my green house turned into a brown house this winter. I lost power to it during one of the cold fronts. We were out of town so it was not discovered until later. Most everything is gone or at least appears that way. I've cut everything way back and am waiting for any minute signs of life. Some of these things have sentimental value so I really am shattered.

Some of the things that look like goners are: a pink hibiscus that my MIL gave me at least 10 years ago. I have traded rooted cutting for it in the past. (I really stink at rooting cuttings, so if someone has this and could root a cutting for me for next swap I would be eternally grateful) A plain pineapple, the rainbow pineapple pups seem to have made it. Those are the two biggies. Other things that I really will miss are cuban oregano that Ralph included in one of our trades and the newest additions: tibouchina and a sweet little white flowering thing from Tammy's fair plot. I am always looking for shade loving plants and eventhough my trade page is not current my wants rarely changes.
I'll be bringing tomatoes as always Mortgage Lifter, Rutgers, Mr Stripey, Green Zebra, a Black, Hugh's Yellow, Galina's White Cherry, Jelly Bean (if it germinates), San Marzano. Squash, basil, eggplant and peppers (if they germinates). I also will have pink yarrow and monarda. I'm sure there will be more.

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Tammy Kennedy

Aww- Shannon! So sorry to hear that. Listen, i have one little pot of tibouchina that now has your name on it (i wasn't sure why i was hanging onto it but now i know!). Not sure what little white flowered thing you are referring to- can you give me more clues? if i have some, i'll share happily. I still have that pineapple pup cluster you gave me, but am thinking it was the rainbow, not the plain. Serrated edges? There's plenty to share, so if it was the plain, let me know and i'll bring some. I'll happily snag some of your maters as i haven't started any yet (late as always...)

Suzanne, i'd be happy to trade with you! I have several of the things you're looking for, and you have some stuff i'd like. So- i can get you some georgia blue, coneflower, rudbeckia triloba ( abit different that the typical rudbeckia), and cuttings of powis castle and hot lips, both easy t grow from cuttings. I'd love to get some mini mondo, mini daffs (later is fine)and some of your wild ginger. do you have the deciduous type (asarum canadensis) or the evergreen (hexastylis) kind? I'm especially looking for the deciduous, but will be happy with either. What color is your iris?

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I do not have any plants to exchange, but I will be happy to bring some baked goods. I'm thinking zuchinni bread/banana bread and maybe cookies of some kind. My sister and my mother are both coming to visit, and I'm wondering if we can all come???? Could I make this a family outing? My husband and father can watch the kids while my sister, mother and I disperse baked goods/talk plants.

I've never been to a swap, even though I've wanted to go each time. Thank you in advance for your replies.

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Ralph Whisnant(z7b-8 NC)

Tanya, I would like to bring you some shade loving plants for some vegetables and basil plants. I think that I still have a Cuban Oregano plant, or at least I did last fall. I will put together a box of stuff for you. Anything that you do not want can go on the table for general distribution.

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I just realized that this coming Saturday is he one on Easter weekend, I wil be down in Florida visiting the in laws :( Anyone who is still interested in trading via meeting later, let me know.

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tietie(z7b / 8 nc)

Tammy, thanks for the tibouchina. I'll bring you tomatoes and any other veggies you desire, do you want one of each? I traded you rainbow pineapple, much more prickly than the plain one, but pretty by the end of summer. Were you the person I had planned on trading for a stevia at the fall swap? I ended up not being able to attend. Let me know what I else I can bring for you.

Ralph, that cuban oregano was one of the surprises in your box a couple of years ago and it turned out to be such a favorite. Your boxes are always more than generous and I end up feeling that it is totally a lopsided trade. I'll bring you one of each veggie like always.


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woodsworm(7a NC)

Magick: I can give you some Japanese painted fern for some mat-forming sedum.

Trianglegardener: I have trillium cuneatum and would like foamflower.

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Tammy Kennedy

tanya- nope- i don't need stevia, but thanks. I'll gladly take the veggie starts, though!

deirdre, bring as many as you wish- there's plenty of room. There's a small playset nearby for the chilluns, too.

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Woodsworm - I'd love to trade some sedum for your painted ferns!

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Woodsworm: The trillium would be appreciated. I'll put a couple of foamflowers aside for you.

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Tammy, my iris are so new to me ( I have a bunch and someone just gave me some more) --- I can't remember the colors. I potted the wild ginger for you --- I think it is evergreen, but it grows wild in my wooded backyard, and I just don't go down there in the winter much ;) Looking forward to Saturday!

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Tammy Kennedy

Suzanne- don't worry about the iris. I already have plenty. I was just curious more than anything. the ginger probably is the evergreen type- it's more common here. That's fine- i have lots of woods and will be happy to plant it. What i want the most is some of the mini mono. :)

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I am late to the party, as usual! ;-) Here's what I have potted up and ready to go:

Variegated princess lily
Mexican Speckled Bamboo
Tricyrtis "Autumn Glow"
Yarrow "Terra Cotta"
Monarda "Mahogany"
Variegated Hosta
Mini Iris Gentle Grace
Helianthus Lemon Queen

Here's what I have that I can dig if you want:
Canna Intrigue and Musafolia
Hellebore seedlings
Monarda Violet Queen
Un-named yellow Iris
Un-named toad lily
Helianthus 'First Light'
Tradescantia 'Sweet Kate'

Looking for a white brugmansia, some bloodroot, or whatever you have...

See ya tomorrow,


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Hey Sally! Didn't know if you were coming or not. Just wanted to remind you about the Canna 'Intrique' from the Fall Swap:) I haven't been organized enough for special trades this year,lol.

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Ralph Whisnant(z7b-8 NC)

Sally, I would love to trade with you for Tricyrtis 'Autumn Glow'. Do you have either of the variegated Tricyrtis' 'Lightning Strike' and or 'Samurai'? Also, either or both Monardas? I can dig some M. 'Jacob Kline' for you if you are interested. I am interested in either Canna and your Tradescatia and Var. Hosta if I have something that you would like in return. I posted a partial list of things that I have available earlier in this discussion. Are you still interested in Mexican Petunias? I need to dig several clumps from the flowerbed in front of our house and can bring you several if you want them.
Root Digger. I will bring two Pineapple Guava and give them to Tammy for you.
Brenda, my Impatien zombensis still lives. I can take a cutting and either bring it tomorrow, or root it myself and give it to you later? I bought an Impatiens species from Tony in February. I can divide a piece of it for you also if you like.

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Can't wait to see everyone tomorrow! Looks like we will have rain tonight which should help clear the pollen out of our way. Shannon/Dirtrx

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mad_about_mickey(**7* *N.C.)

Just got organized !

I will be bringing:
Black Krim Tomato
Mortgage Lifter Tomato
Cherokee Purple Tomato
Roma Tomato
San Marzano Tomato
CA. Wonder pepper
2 Chocolate Peppermint
Gaillardia 'Goblin'
peace lily house plant
Monkey grass

I HAVE IF ANY ONE WANTS- Will dig in morning

Regular Elephant ears- already coming up

My wish list:

A red banana - siam?
upright elephant ears
Ruffled elephant ears
Flowering Almond
Bridal wreath
Salvia- hot lips
Creeping Phlox
Mickey Mouse elephant ear or source to find locally.....

Thanks !!

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Shari- Thanks for the reminder...I have Intrigue for you. ;-)
Ralph, your ALWAYS have something I would like to have! ;-)

I can bring you all you listed from what I have. I would like the a pineapple guava if you have one, and one of the Euphorbia. Also my big fuzzy tradescantia that you gave me got hit by the last frost, even though it was in the garage) so if you have some, I'd love it. If you are able to divide the shell ginger, I'd love a piece, and some hardy impatien and Lysimachia 'Outback Sunset'.

Looking forward to seeing you all.


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woodsworm(7a NC)

magick and trianglegardener-- apologies but I just learned my aunt is probably near death in High Point, so I won't be at the swap. Ya'll have fun. Catch you next time.

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Woodsworm- Sorry to hear the news-we will miss you. Shannon/Dirtrx

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