Venus Fly Trap Seeds

obchiliMarch 15, 2014

Hi there. I am involved in mainly peppers, and found this forum here. So, my dad has been mentioning wanting a fly trap. I cannot buy any locally, and have only been taken by buying seeds on a well known auction site, on more than one occasion. So, is there anybody here that may be able to point me in the right direction to obtaining seeds for this beautiful 'Thing', so I may start one and give it to him on Fathers Day, or his birthday in July. I am sure that there is more than one variety of this plant, but really do not care what variety I may be lead to. Thank you.

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Venus Flytrap seeds take a LONG TIME to reach adulthood. You're better off ordering one from an online vendor like Sarracenia Northwest or California carnivores.

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Thanks, but will not ship internationally. Will just have to source some viable seeds and do it the old fashioned way. If they take a while, it may be a Christmas present then.

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I have a contain with 3 year old seedlings and you still need a magnifying glass to get a good look at them.

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Ok. I get your message. I did not realize that it took THAT long. Thanks. Will try looking around locally.

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What kind of hot pepper do you have? I am willing to trade VF for pepper seeds

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